We’re starting a new YouTube playlist

You won’t hear everything I compose. I shred most of my pieces before anyone else gets to hear them. I will however put up everything that I like, even if it won’t make an album.

For the instrumental concept pieces, I created a new YouTube playlist called Astral Fantasies. The pieces that get the most positive feedback will be recorded. For now though, I’m using samples instead of real orchestration. (As you already know, we use real orchestra musicians on our albums).

I used a green screen for the first piece. It’s an Arabic dance I wrote for a belly dancer friend of mine. She gave me the specs, and I wrote it according to her specs.

What’s going to be in the new YouTube Playlist?

It will mostly contain unfinished pieces that I like because I hate seeing songs go to waste. I do however want someone else to gauge the popularity of these songs. If any of them are well-liked, at the very least, they’ll be on the back of a single.

So far, there’s only the one piece for which we hired an interpretive dancer from New York. Mariana works as a circus performer, model, and actress. She can breathe fire too. She’s hell of cool, so we’ll definitely work with her again. Maybe next time around as a fire breather.

It was good to get my feet wet with a green screen. I made a lot of mistakes.

1. Too small for the green screen backdrop.

2. Not enough lighting. This led to some bad shadowing. You may not notice it, but if you look closely enough, you’ll see what I mean.

3. Need a green screen on the floor too. Mariana did some really cool stuff from the ground which I couldn’t fully use.

4. It’s about time to upgrade my camera equipment. Mariana was blurry in some key shots.

It’s all a learning experience

The thing is, you just have to do what you have to do and learn as you go. I watched a YouTube video on how a guy edits on Adobe Premier Pro and uses a green screen. The software part is easy to setup as the software does all the work. You still have to get good shots.

Coming up, I’ll continue to put out some of my unfinished pieces into this Playlist. I’m hoping someone out there will like these pieces as I’d love to compose more of them. At the very least for me, they’re good composition practice. And of course for the videos, good filming and editing practice.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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