Creature of the Night video

If you haven’t seen our “Creature of the Night” video, definitely see it.

This video was a blast to make. We shot it in the San Francisco Bay Area. It rained pretty hard, so we had to film all the outdoor scenes indoors. It was for the best though, as we got to give more time to the limousine scenes.

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night babes

(L-R) Nitda, Dash, Alice, Maddy, and Anna

“Creature of the Night” is the second song from Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong. If I remember correctly, it was the very first time I heard Skitz play lead guitar. He just lit it up.

Stylistic differences in our lead playing

We have very different styles, which is a good thing. I’m more by the book and he’s more out there. Kind of like Glenn Tipton vs KK Downing. Together, those two are the best guitar duo on the planet. I’ve seen them twice live, and they really brought it both times. They’re total pros, and yeah, Judas Priest is the best Metal band ever. I don’t care that there are a few Metal bands that sold more records.

Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent. We had a blast. The girls were fun. Nick Testa’s a wonderful Director to work with. Definitely check out the video.

Astral Eyes videos always have babes

Skitz with Nitda and Maddy

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night babes in street clothes

(L-R) Alice, Dash, Maddy, Anna, and Nitda after the shoot


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