Goodbye VidMe

So, we’ll be saying goodbye to VidMe permanently this month. They had a wonderful product that was especially wonderful for content creators. However, they saw no way to make money.

It’s sad, especially since many of us invested so much time on the platform. I was personally hoping it would be around for years, and give YouTube a run. But YouTube, despite never turning a profit, has the deep pockets of Google. I’m guessing VidMe ran out of investors.

This is yet another reason why…

We need to host our own sites. I personally own Romantic Metal, Astral Eyes, and Opium Tales. I share ownership of Vampiress Records. These sites will never go anywhere. I’ll always own them.

When you own a platform, you’re responsible for it. When someone else owns a platform, you’re depending on them to keep the bills paid. VidMe could no longer afford the bills.

No more weekly videos

No, not completely. But on VidMe, I was uploading 3 videos a week. Why that much? Because I loved the platform. Because I loved the community. I made some friends on VidMe. Genuine people, not the spoiled brats on YouTube.

I enjoyed the platform and enjoyed creating those videos. No way I’m going to put that kind of effort into another video platform simply because if I don’t get something out of something, I’m not going to invest in it. For instance, I don’t invest in toxic relationships. I cut them off immediately. (And I suggest you do the same with yours). I wasn’t always that way though. Now that I’m older and wiser though, toxic people no longer get through my walls.

I looked forward to uploading videos every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. I was having fun.

Goodbye VidMe

Snapshot from this morning

With only organic traffic, I had 70 followers since August. Those are good numbers considering we spent thousands on making music videos on YouTube and only built 305 followers all the way since 11/2015. The picture shows 327 but the rest of those people came over from my VidMe channel.

I had put way more time and effort over the years into YouTube, yet I achieved better success with VidMe. So of course I’d favor VidMe as a platform.

What next?

It’s back to daily blogging. I wrote 38 articles in October and only 20 in November because I was focusing on my VidMe channel. This did take me as a surprise. I thought VidMe would have enough cash to fight the good fight for at least another few years.

The lesson in all this? Like I said, focus on what you own. Focus on what you control. My primary sites are of course this one, the main band site, and my fiction writing site (Opium Tales).

I started another short story on Opium Tales called Princess for the Night. It’s the prequel to the song Up in Flames. You get to meet the girl who will ride the dragon, warts and all. I made her imperfect. I made her human.

So Goodbye VidMe

With a lot of sadness, we have to say goodbye. You were a wonderful platform. A wonderful idea. Just couldn’t turn a profit.

I wish my friends I made on VidMe all the luck in the world. I also wish good luck to those at VidMe who lost their jobs.

If you’re wondering if I have any regrets about spending so much time on VidMe, to be honest, no. Several things went right for me.

1. I learned how to edit faster. I got really good with Adobe Premier Pro. Sure, I was learning this by doing the music videos but music videos are no longer a big focus for Astral Eyes as we’re learning they take too much money to produce and don’t return enough income.

2. I made some friends on VidMe. Several, I’ll keep in touch with.

3. My speaking got better. I got way more relaxed. This will greatly help the sales side of myself. Yes, sales skills matter, even as an artist.

Goodbye VidMe.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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