My band, Astral Eyes, loves making videos. Our first album, Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong, has four videos. The next album will have five.

The first three videos we did, I wrote the scripts for two of them and Skitz wrote the scripts to one of them. We hired an outside Director to direct them. Skitz edited all of the first three videos.

I wanted to learn how it’s done. I had a film company back in the mid-90s and it went out of business. Had no idea how much it cost.

Making videos is so much easier nowadays. The equipment is cheaper. Digital is so much cheaper than film, and you don’t have to wait for it to get developed and processed.

The Darvulia video

Darvulia is from the upcoming EP. We won’t release the second full-length album until 2019 as it’s still being worked on. There are still lots of vocals and orchestra recordings to be done.

In the meantime, we’ll release this EP. Darvulia is a tale of Anna Darvulia, the possible mentor of Elizabeth Bathory. We know Bathory as the most prolific female serial killer in history. However, nobody really knows what role Darvulia played in all this.

If you’re a Metalhead, you know who Elizabeth Bathory is. She’s the psycho killer who supposedly murdered young girls to bathe in their blood in order to stay young forever. When authorities raided her castle, they found between 100-200 bodies. At the trial though, they were only able to prove 80 murders.

Future writers took liberty with the characters. I’ve seen stories where Bathory was just an innocent pawn, manipulated by Darvulia. And I’ve seen stories where Bathory and Darvulia were lovers.

Historically, we’ll never know. Makes for good writing though. This video shows the love only went one way. We went pretty artsy fartsy with this video, making it a play within a play.

The Succubus video

I wrote, directed, and edited the fourth video which was shot in Las Vegas. This one was my favorite to do.

I watched everything Nick (the Director of the first three) did and emulated the aspects of his style I liked the most while adding my own touches as much as possible. Of course, it greatly helped to have beautiful women to work with.

Astral Eyes Succubus video
Jin N Tonic & Kristy Pure Rebel Jessica

I loved working with Jin and Kristy. We loved working with them so much that we hired them back for yet another video, and that one won’t be the last.

Creature of the Night video

Creature of the Night is the most successful so far. We had a blast filming this video.

It’s funny because so much went wrong. It rained heavily and we had to move all the outdoor scenes indoors. We used a lot more of the limo footage as well, because of the rain.

We were supposed to have three filming locations and had to cut it down to two, extending the limo scene. Surprisingly, it worked.

Once again, it helps to have beautiful women in the video. We worked with Alice and Nitda for three videos so far. They’re both great. We’ll be working with both of them again.

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night, one of our most fun videos
(L-R) Nitda, Dash, Alice, Maddy, and Anna

Future videos

As much as we love working with beautiful women, we really need to establish ourselves as a band though. Several of the upcoming videos will be more artistic. Or they’ll feature us with gorgeous backdrops.

We live in California, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Therefore, we need to take advantage of the scenery.

But of course, some of the upcoming videos will have beautiful women. Just prepare for the unexpected. After all, we’re the Last Romantic artists!