why did romanticism end

Why did Romanticism end?

Why did Romanticism end? That’s a question I’ve wondered about in high school, but really couldn’t tackle until recently. We have a movement that started with Beethoven’s Third Symphony and ended with the onset of WWI. Dvořák’s New World Symphony was one of the last great Romantic pieces. Gustav Mahler

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Eugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People 1830

Romance vs Romanticism

There’s a complete misconception of what Romanticism means, and I can tell you the culprit. It’s terminology. People say all the time “that’s Romantic.” Um, no. That’s not Romantic. That’s one aspect of Romanticism. You’re talking about Romantic Love, not Romanticism. Romanticism was a movement that took some of the

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Romantic Metal cut out snacking

I’m a modern day Romantic

What is Romanticism? People toss around the word Romantic and they have no idea what it means. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to real Romantics. Well, more importantly, let me tell you why Romanticism needs a comeback, for the soul of humanity. We need the modern day Romantic to

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Romantic Metal talks about Romanticism and Nationalism

Romanticism and Nationalism

I’ve talked many times about Romanticism, because we are a Romantic Metal band. I take that moniker very seriously. Romantic Metal. That’s a cross between Romanticism and Metal music. A lot of folks talk out of their asses when it comes to life. I don’t. If I don’t know what

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