The universe doesn’t care

the universe doesn't care

The universe doesn’t care about your feelings. It’s not that the universe is out to get you. It’s simply, it doesn’t care one way or another.

So keep it mind, whatever happens, good or bad, the universe is indifferent.

That’s the problem that so many people have. They cannot deal with this simple fact. They complain about life being unfair.

You know what? Life is unfair. So what!

Knowing that, find out what you’re good at. (And yes, you are good at something). And get really, really good at it. After you do that (it may take you years), you’ll find out that the universe will start working more with you than against you.

How does that happen? It’s all odds. That’s all it is. Odds. So start setting the odds in your favor.

I love people with positive mindsets

If you have a positive mindset, the following things will happen to you long term. You will be luckier. You will have a higher quality of friends. You’ll also make more money and have more opportunities. You’ll be healthier. And you’ll be happier.

How does this all happen? Once again, odds.

Life is pretty much playing the odds.

I hate whiners

Whiners on the other hand will alienate the right people and attract fellow losers. Whiners will have shitty luck.

They will end up with health problems since stress actually causes bad health. They will be broke because whereas a positive mindset attracts wealth, a negative mindset does the opposite.

So yes, the universe doesn’t care. And that’s a good thing. You could choose to see life as unfair and bitch about it. Or, you could figure out where you actually have an unfair advantage and take advantage of it.

Of course, be a good person. I’m not at all implying to do something illegal or immoral. I’m just saying to play to your strengths. And yes, you have strengths.

Where a life coach comes in

It’s funny. I thought I knew myself very well. Then I hired a life coach.

I know I have a lot of strengths. I actually listed them out.

Then, after several sessions with my life coach, she started listing strengths I either took for granted or didn’t even realize I had.

Sometimes, a successful friend, a mentor, a religious figure, a positive role model, or a life coach can really help you in life. Whereas I tell people to stay away from negative people, do the opposite with beneficial people. Start meeting them.

If you could afford to, consider getting a life coach. At first, I thought that was a cheesy idea. Until I actually did it and it helped me big time. She helped make my already good life even better.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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