Respect for Preppers? Of course I respect preppers

I have utmost respect for preppers. They’re like the blue collar equivalent of financially responsible people.

If you don’t know what preppers are, preppers are pretty much folks who are prepared for disaster scenarios. They can survive anything from natural disasters to a complete economic collapse. Most of them come from redneck backgrounds but you’ll even meet some in the upper classes.

In the 90s, they called themselves survivalists but the media hated them because the media is full of beta male bitches who envy masculinity. So after enough media smears, they changed terminology.

The media hated them and tried to portray them as racist and religious fanatics. Of course it’s absurd as I’ve seen plenty of racial diversity in survivalist meetings and I’ve known quite a few hard core atheists in the ranks.

What’s wrong with being prepared?

What’s so wrong about being prepared? Ever thought of that? Let’s take all the white collar people who are financially responsible, who are more interested in building their investment portfolios than compensating for something with overpriced foreign cars. They should be buried in debt like the rest of us! Those responsible bastards are probably racist too! Yeah, that’s it. They must be racist because they’re prepared if they get laid off from their jobs.

That was sarcasm. And absurd sarcasm at that to show the absurdity of making fun of folks who are prepared for bad scenarios.

If you a have an irrational fear of a group of people who want to be prepared for the worst, you may want to re-evaluate your media sources. I strongly believe that you should be good at multiple things in life. You should be healthy. You should be financially responsible.

It doesn’t hurt to know how to survive really bad situations too. I sincerely hope I never have to use my MMA skills or my firearms on someone. But I will to defend myself or my loved ones.

And to reiterate, the folks I’ve known who hated preppers were all beta male bitches who feared masculinity. Betas envy because they cannot perform and they hates folks who can.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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