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Venice, Italy

I didn’t even know about the incel community until a few months ago. Yes, because of the shooting.

Afterwards, I had to look up what an incel was. It turns out that there’s an entire incel community. I wanted to address that.

Now, I can’t help incel women because I’m not a woman. Before some feminazi gets offended, let me just say one thing. Do I think it would be a great idea if a woman helped an incel woman? Fuck yeah! Case closed.

Consultant to the incel community

I immediately thought about dollar signs. What if I actually did some consulting? What kind of clients would I take? And what would I charge?

Well, obviously it would be to make money. And I wouldn’t just take any client. If a guy was broke and an incel, then honestly, he should be focusing on making money, not getting laid.

Plus, I wouldn’t take a client without passion. There’s your problem right there. Become interesting. Boring ass people deserve to be incels. Seriously. As cold as that sounds, we all know it’s true.

“What about social retards?”

Also to be honest, I think that’s the majority of the incel community. If you’re good socially, you’ll get laid. Period.

If you’re good with people, someone will fuck you. This applies to both genders.

How do I know this? Personal experience. I’ve seen cool dudes get laid despite being goofy looking. I’ve seen physically attractive males who couldn’t get laid because they were socially awkward.

Am I serious about consulting?

Sort of. First off, it would have to be a lot of money. It would have to be worth my time because I’m a very busy man.

I’d love to take a client with money. However, it will be with stipulations. One – you’d have to be passionate about something. It could be anything from music, food, art, or travel. If you’re not passionate about anything, then forget it, no matter how much money you have.

I like to win. And I’ll take my job very seriously. If I know I won’t succeed with a client, I simply won’t take him.

Second – you’d have to do everything I say. Why? Because that’s how it works. Don’t question my methodology. I know it works. And I know what you’re doing doesn’t work because you’re not getting laid.

Main points

Be interesting

Boring is unattractive. On the other hand, passion is sexy. You’ll notice that good musicians get laid, despite a lot of them being downright ugly.

Lots of skill sets are sexy. Travel is sexy. So is cooking. So is of course being a damn good musician. Watching television? Not so much.

I bet I’d have no trouble at all getting an incel laid who was interesting, but afraid to pull the trigger. I’d simply teach him how to pull the trigger. Sure, he’ll miss a lot. But if you never pull the trigger, you’ll never hit anything. You got to swing the bat to get hits.

Get in shape

For men, muscles bring confidence. Skinny or fat? Not so much.

That’s one easy thing about being a guy. It’s easier for a guy to get back into shape than a girl. Is that fair? Of course not. But that’s how life works.

After my mother died, I started drinking pretty heavily. I lost my muscle and gained a tummy. I looked like complete shit.

It didn’t take that long for me to get right back into shape. I had to hire a dietician to get me on the right diet. I also hired two muscle bound manly men to teach me to lift properly and coach me to reach my goals.

Did it work? Of course! It only took me nine months to start converting my fat into muscle. It may take the average person much longer because I was a former athlete and my body already knew all about growing muscle. I just had to cut back on drinking, eat the right things, and of course work out hard.

Before I turned 40, I could get away with murder when it came to diet. Now, I have to watch my diet closely. I can safely get away with a 90/10 diet. What does that mean? 90% of my diet is perfect. 10% is sin. Some folks can get away with 80/20. Some folks have to do 95/5. That’s just how life works.

Learn to talk

Talking can get you laid. Women love to talk.

Of course this goes both ways. You must also learn to listen. There’s an old saying that goes “God gave you two ears but one mouth for a reason.”

I’ve heard arguments for being mysterious and not talking much. In real life, I’ve seen successful men who can talk and also successful men who barely talked. Both strategies work. You just have to be good at one or the other.

Personally, I’m in love with myself so I enjoy the sound of my own voice. I talk a lot. And it works for me.

You have to find what works for you. Do you talk a lot or are you the mysterious stranger? This is something you have to figure out on your own.

It’s a numbers game

So don’t take rejection seriously. It’s just like when I was in sales. I knew that if we started arguing, I lost the sale. I was wasting my time so instead of wasting more time, I’d shake their hand, thank them for their time, and move on to the next potential customer/client.

Same with women. I’ve met men who would succeed with around half the women they met. They were usually freaks though – tall, good-looking, and charming, three natural things that most men don’t have.

Most men have significantly lower success rates. Which is fine. That just means talking to more women.

If you take rejection personally, then sorry, I can’t help you. At first, I was guilty of that. Until I got into sales and my sales manager told me that sales is all a numbers game. That’s when I realized that sales applies to women as well.

And that’s the blueprint

That would be the blueprint for getting laid. Then why hire me in the first place? Because some folks can’t do it on their own. They need a coach.

Am I serious about doing this? Honestly? Sort of. If the right person approached me for the right price, I’d help him out. I’d first have to like the guy. If I don’t like you, then forget it. I’m not going to help you.

About the featured image

I shot this last week in Venice, Italy from a motorboat. Why am I using it for an article on the incel community? Because like I said before, travel is sexy.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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