The market for fantasy is strong

Look at the biggest movie series today – Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and that God awful Twilight (sorry for even mentioning them, but I’m doing it to make a point). Look at the books that sell. Heck, I’ve just read fourteen Dresden Files books and I read all seven of the Harry Potter books awhile back. I know Anne Rice is still going strong and I know that a lot of women are reading Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, and Yasmine Galenorn. Everyone loves Neil Gaiman, and I have to apologize in advance for missing out literally dozens of damn good fantasy authors that deserve mention here. But I think I’ve made my point. Fantasy is on the rise, and there will be a market for fantasy for a long, long time.

Fantasy is on the rise and there will be a market for Fantasy for quite a long time

There is a bigger market today for fantasy than there has ever been. I remember the days of Dungeons and Dragons, when only geeks and nerds liked fantasy. Today, everyone does. Everyone saw those fantasy movies I listed above. Everyone read at least one fantasy book recently, or at least had one on their reading queue. Fantasy is huge.

I’m bringing this up because I got some slack the other day for our lyrics being too fantasy. Really? For the record, I don’t write them. I just write the music. But I’ll all out defend them because fantasy rules, and fantasy comes straight from the Romantic era and we are the creators of the Romantic Metal genre of music, of which this website is named.

(OK, fantasy existed before the Romantic era. But the current form of fantasy that we enjoy today was influenced directly from the Romantic era).

“But fantasy is just escapism?”

Oh really? Weren’t the allusions to the police state and fascism in the Harry Potter books/movies obvious to you? Wasn’t it obvious that Tolkien believed the races need to put their differences aside and unite against evil? Weren’t, oh never mind. I could go on and on about the hidden meanings in fantasy books but if you still think it’s just escapism, I might as well be talking to a pigeon because I don’t like to waste my time with idiots. I got more important things to do.

What do I like?

Well, as I said, I don’t write lyrics any more. I want to focus on composition and my guitar playing. Studying orchestration is what takes up most of my free time. Luckily for me though, the other three band members (who write all the lyrics) all have a pretty good fantasy foundation. Giving credit where it’s due, I originally got into fantasy via Disney, but in college found that Disney Disneyfied all those tales and the original tales were generally much darker. In high school, I played Dungeons and Dragons and if I had to give anyone the most credit, it would be Gary Gygax.

I love the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painters, who were all late-Romantic/English Victorian. They were heavily into fantasy and several of them were heavily into Arthurian legends.

the market for fantasy is on the rise

John William Waterhouse – a mermaid

And of course musically, Romanticism was full of fantasy. Richard Wagner probably was number one when it comes to a Romantic composer who used fantasy references in his works, but a lot of them did. Look at some of the stuff Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky did.

Anyways, I’m digressing again. Fantasy is on the rise and there will be a market for it for quite some time. If you’re trying to make money in fantasy whether it’s as an author, a screenwriter, a lyricist, a painter, or whatever, worry not. You have just as much a shot in the Fantasy genre as any other. If Fantasy is your thing, run with it. You can thank me later.


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