How I feel about marijuana

How I feel about marijuana

After all these years, I should finally write how I feel about marijuana. Marijuana has been legal in California for awhile now. Yes, for medicinal purposes but we all know those cards were easy to get. Now it’s outright legal.

To be clear, I’m a libertarian. No, not the party member, but rather someone who strongly believes you be you. I don’t tell you how to live. I can give you advice. But you have to live your own life. And the absolute last thing I want to do is to write laws controlling your behaviors. That goes against everything I believe.

Also to be clear, I’ve done a lot of psychedelic drugs from 2007 to 2011. A lot. I was trying to figure out who the fuck I was. During that phase, I left another band and formed Astral Eyes which at the time was a Psychedelic Metal band.

So the absolute last thing I want to do is to say “do as I say, not as I do.” I fucking hate those people. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for hypocrites.

However, as someone who’s done his share, I can tell you the good and the bad and now that I’m years removed, be unbiased about it.

About marijuana – the good

Marijuana is quite possibly the best thing for chemotherapy patients who have lost their appetites. As we all know, if you don’t eat, you die. I’ve never had chemo (knocking on wood) but I’ve heard that a lot of people on chemo lose their appetites. So I’ve actually heard doctors in real life recommend marijuana.

(Yes, I’m personal friends with a few doctors. Keep in mind that I make a lot of my money investing and that’s why I know so many people who make large incomes).

I’m sure marijuana has other medicinal uses as well. It’s used for pain and other things. It’s supposedly a cure for glaucoma. Yes, I may be friends with doctors, but I’m not a doctor so I’ll stop there and discuss the more creative/artistic aspects of marijuana.

From my own experiences

From 2007 to 2011, I used a lot of psychedelic drugs on the weekends. I still had a day job and to be clear, I never drank too much nor did any illegal drugs on school nights. I take pride in my work and always came to work sober.

The reason I’m saying this – I have a former co-worker who is an alcoholic and projects her faults onto everyone else. She herself walks on water and will tell you how you should live your life (and would legislate her bullshit if she had the opportunity). Of course, her track record is that she’s totally broke, divorced multiple times and has multiple children with multiple fathers.

If anyone accuses me of doing drugs or drinking heavily on a school night, I will sue them for slander. I have plenty of witnesses who know how strict I am when it comes to employment. And I can afford the big guns.

OK, now that that disclaimer is out of the way, on the weekends, I did a shitload of hallucinogenic drugs during that time period. There are strains of marijuana that are so strong that if ingested, you can get similar hallucinogenic effects to the harder drugs. I’ve eaten those strains.

I’d trip for hours, leaving this world and going inside my mind. During that time period, I saw a lot of things and it helped me get ideas for songs later on. I heard music in my head that I never heard and saw things that don’t exist in this world. Keep in mind, it’s all in your mind.

So can marijuana help you be more creative? Yes, it can.

Early Astral Eyes

Early Astral Eyes was psychedelic. Before I learned orchestration, we fooled around with a lot of synthesizers and guitar effects. I actually loved that early sound as it was trippy.

Marijuana, hash, and PCP all had their influences on that sound. Every once in awhile, I’ll listen to the old stuff. In fact, I wrote one of the songs from the upcoming EP during that time period. I simply added orchestration to it while keeping the lyrics that I wrote stoned out of my mind.

About marijuana – the bad

Why I stopped

There was a time when I got everything I needed out of hallucinogenic drugs (including marijuana). Once I reached that point, I stopped. I didn’t need them any more. I figured out who I was and that was that.

Looking around me, I saw users who were losers. No, not everyone who uses is a loser. But numbers wise, I was surrounded by losers – people I didn’t want to be.

I’m a very ambitious man and I actually want to amount to something. I’ve met some pretty fucking talented marijuana users who let their talents slide, then fall off the map completely. In fact, that was most of them. Keep reading.

Most users are fat

During the time period, I was good friends with someone who ran a marijuana supplier magazine. I went to my share of marijuana conventions and parties. And you know what? Everyone there was fat except for the models he hired to hand out shit. Keep in mind, these were models, not users.

I’m not saying that they had more than their share of fat people. I’m actually saying that almost every single person there was fat.

Let’s not be politically correct. Fat is not a good thing. Fat will slowly kill you. We all know this, but with political correctness, we’re not supposed to say it.

Marijuana causes people to eat a lot of food. You’ll snack on complete garbage. Like I said earlier – great for those on chemo. For those not on chemo, very bad.

Not finishing anything

To be clear, a lot of folks start shit and don’t finish it. You can say it has nothing to do with marijuana. Sure.

However, I’ve hired two artists I know who are hard-core stoners. I gave them jobs to do and I’m 0-2. Neither of them have completed their jobs and I had to hire other people to finish them.

Sure that’s a small sample size. But let’s be realistic. People who do too much weed are not dependable people. At all.

When I pay someone to do a job, I actually expect them to finish the job. That should be a given but to a lot of stoners, they become excuse factories.

“I’m too busy.” No, you’re getting stoned. Finish the fucking job.

The marijuana subculture

There’s a whole subculture around marijuana. You don’t have to participate if you partake. However, it’s there.

Most of its people are fat and don’t amount to what they can amount to. I know this first hand as I was in it. Not any more.

That’s one thing that really turned me off about marijuana. I neither wanted to be fat, nor did I want to amount to nothing. That’s probably the main reason I got out of it and quit entirely.

“So should I do it?”

Your life, not mine. I can only tell you my experiences.

If you’re asking whether or not I think it should be legal, the answer is yes. Of course I think it should be legal. The absolute last thing I want is to legislate what other people do with their hard-earned money. Frankly, people who do that piss me off.

But if you don’t have much self-control, I’ll strongly advise you to stay clear. It’s a wonderful experience and for some folks, it’s too good and they never want to leave it. That’s where you have problem users.

I got what I needed and pulled out. A lot of people can’t do that. So you make that call.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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