Beta male bitch traits

Earlier, I wrote up an article praising masculinity. On the flip side, we have the beta male bitch. These guys are annoying, and hate us masculine men.

Now, do you have the right to be a beta male? Sure. Can everyone be an alpha male? Actually, yes. It’s a mentality. So, you can stop being a beta male bitch and I’ll even teach you how. Unironically, your life will become much better.

What are some beta male bitch traits?

First of all, we need to define what is a beta male bitch. Once it has been defined, you’ll know how to put a stop to that nonsense.

List of beta male bitch traits – cynicism, jealousy, defeatism, negativity, inability to control their emotions, crying like a bitch, complaining, saying “it’s not fair.”

If any of those traits dominate your life, get rid of them. Get rid of cynicism. Believe you can accomplish things.

Is anyone out to get you? Yes, yourself. Your attitude sabotages you, and you need to knock that shit off.

I’ve already written up jealousy.

Defeatism. Henry Ford had a whopping 100 IQ. He was quite average, but he was great because he knew how to get the best out of more intelligent people than himself. He said “believe you can or believe you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

Bingo! So, believe you can.

Control your emotions

Or else your emotions will control you. Are you a little kid? If you answered no, then stop acting like one. Adults can control their emotions. Children and betas can’t.

Cartoon males and cartoon females can’t either, but cartoon males will often do something so stupid that their inabilities to control their emotions will land them in jail. More on that another day.

If you’re a man, you’re allowed to cry when a close friend or family member dies. Or your dog dies. If anything else, stop crying like a bitch. Control yourself.

And don’t complain. I’ve lived in a car before with a loaded gun for protection. I’m not at all bragging as I know people who are way more successful than me who have lived through much, much, much, much, much worse. In fact, so much worse that I don’t even like to bring up that fact. My life has been comparatively easy. I just had a few bad years.

I never complained though. Instead, I worked like a madman and put everything I could into my bank account until I made enough money to get out of that situation. I did have a lot of friends, and took showers at their houses and occasionally slept on their coaches. So if I can do it…

And lastly, don’t ever say “it’s not fair!” That’s such a little child thing. You’re not a little child. You’re an alpha male in training.

You are heading in the direction of being a successful man who exercises his free will by working hard and staying focused. You will achieve awesome things, things only a year ago you didn’t think would be possible.

You’re heading in the right direction because you’re a positive man who believes in himself. You’re currently building up the skill sets necessary to be successful when opportunity knocks. And it will knock. Because you got a kick ass work ethic that will pay off.

Goodbye beta, hello alpha!

It’s time to say goodbye to the old you. The new you would rather be envied than pitied. The new you has leadership abilities. He is strong, stands up straight, and people want to be his friend.

Start dressing better. Eat right. Lift weights. Get good at something. And you’ll be noticed by women who would have never looked at you before.

Romantic Metal feeding the seals in Victoria, Canada

Feeding the seals in Victoria, Canada


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