Ashamed to be American?

There’s a sick feeling going on in the San Francisco area right now where it’s cool to be anti-America. I’ll make it clear that I don’t like it one bit. These people are not only ashamed to be American, they want you to be ashamed to be American as well.

This country is wonderful. Sure, there’s plenty we can criticize. But find me a better nation. Find me another nation you’d want with the #1 military in the world.

We have our sins. I won’t deny that. Our two biggest sins are slavery and not honoring agreements with the Indigenous folk.

Let’s talk about slavery

Alright. Let’s have an honest discussion about slavery. This is where I piss off the politically correct since I know way more about history than they do.

America made slavery illegal in 1865. Slavery still exists all over the world and it’s strong.

Some of you were alive during WWII and the Stalin era, where Germany and the Soviet Union respectively had forced labor, which is, slavery by another name. But forget that. Let’s actually talk about today.

India today, yes, 2017, has an estimated 18.4 million slaves. They currently lead the world in the number of active slaves. Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are all full of sexual slavery. Today. Not the 1860s. Today.

And if you’re wondering what other countries have slavery in 2017, let me fill you in on more bad news. Slavery is alive and well all over the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. There’s even plenty of sexual slavery going on in not only those regions, but also in South America. Today. Not the 1860s. Today.

Let’s talk about genocide

I fucking love the Native American peoples because they’ve always been really kind to me. I used to rent from a Native American family. They invited me to their drum circle because I used to be a pretty damn good tutor for children with learning disabilities.

So, that, plus my reading of history made we well aware of our sins against the Native American peoples. I’m not at all happy about it.

But let’s put this in perspective, shall we? Every nation on the planet that has been around since then has blood on their hands.

I won’t go into the Nazi genocide because we all know about it. So let’s talk about some that you don’t know. How about the Ottoman Empire’s systematic slaughter of Armenians? Polite circles fail to mention this genocide.

Did you know that between one million and 1.5 million Crimean Tatars and Chechen peoples died as a result of “forced relocations” due to Soviet policy? Some of you were alive when this occurred.

Or how about between 1.5 million and 3 million people killed by the Khmer Rouge? This was the late 70s. I was alive back then.

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Communism in action (Khmer Rouge genocide – Cambodia late 1970s)

Did you know that while the killing fields in Cambodia were going on, Idi Amin (dictator of Uganda) was not only murdering, but also may have been eating his enemies, mostly of tribes he didn’t like? Estimates of the people killed in his regime range from 300k to 500k.

Did you know about the Mayan Genocide, where an estimated 170,000 Mayans were killed by the Guatemalan government (mostly between 1981-1983 when they stepped it up)? A lot of you were alive back then.

Now to be clear, I am not in any way excusing our sins. However, I will let you in on a little secret about history – history is full of one group killing another. And as much as technology has improved, people haven’t.

As bad as the Rwandan Genocides and the Bosnian Genocides were, I won’t get into them because I assume my readers are all smart enough to know about them already.

But since America haters constantly bring up the past in an effort to get you to be ashamed to be American, this is Wikipedia on genocide of indigenous peoples today. Bad news – what happened in America in the 1800s is going on all over the world today.

Let’s talk about homophobia

I’ll make one thing very clear about myself. My whole life, I’ve not only been accepting of gay and lesbian folks, several of my fucking idols are gay. And unlike politically correct cowards, I’m not afraid to voice it around third world peoples who are violently homophobic.

In India, you go to jail if you’re gay. In Saudi Arabia, they fucking kill you.

Let’s put this in perspective. Yes, we still have homophobes in this country. However, you don’t go to jail and nobody physically throws you off a building. In Saudi Arabia, the punishment for being gay is you get thrown off a building. Do you know what happens to a person’s body when it gets thrown off a building?

Let’s talk about female genital mutilation

Feminists here talk about the wage gap. I won’t go into that. Whether or not they have a valid case is irrelevant to this discussion. I’m just using it for a comparison.

So, humor me here. Let’s say they have a valid case. If they do, then we need to fix the wage gap.

According to the International World Health Organization (WHO), over 200 million females around the world have undergone genital mutilation. It’s occurring mainly in Africa, but it’s also a practice done in parts of the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Let’s put things in perspective – genital mutilation vs wage gap.

The thing is, I wouldn’t even bring this up other than the fact that my feminazi neighbor said the following with a straight face – “America is the worst place in the world for women.”

Worst place in the world? We don’t practice genital mutilation here. We also don’t burn widows alive here. Roop Kanwar was forced by her husband’s family in 1987 to do that disgusting Sati practice. 1987. Many of you were alive back then. It’s only in 1987 when India finally decided to enforce a hard knockdown of that disgusting practice.

Worst country in the world? In Saudi Arabia, women go to jail for driving. All over the Middle East, women have to cover their heads. Or get stoned (rocks, not marijuana). In Somalia, if a woman gets raped, it’s because she didn’t run fast enough. It’s her fault.

Child brides are alive and well all over the world. And let’s be honest here, the girls don’t have a say. In America, women win in divorce settlements. In much of the rest of the world, women can’t even get divorced.

Still ashamed to be American?

So, are you still ashamed to be American? OK, let’s instead of talking about how the rest of the world is so fucked up, let’s talk about good stuff about here.

World War II was fucking brutal. America and Russia together ended that conflict. Afterwards, America rebuilt both Germany and Japan. Now, they’re two of our best allies. We actually helped rebuild a lot of Europe, not just Germany.

America has 15 of the top 20 universities in the world. It will actually save me time if I mentioned the top universities not in the United States of America. Let’s list those:

Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Zurich (the Technology school), University College London. Kudos to all the fine colleges that made the top 20. I’m just being lazy and not listing the American ones.

How about inventions? The most significant inventions of the past 100 years or so have been the automobile, the rocket, the internet, the radio, the airplane, the computer, television, and antibiotics. Can anyone take a guess which country invented most of them?

Once again, it would save me time to give credit to the inventions not invented in America. That would be rocketry (Germany) and antibiotics (UK).

Take a guess how many countries have walked on the moon? As of 2017, one. Care to guess which one?

Let’s now talk about charity. Take a guess which nation leads the world in charity? And to add, want to guess how far the second country is from us?

We save more lives than any other nation. We do more good on this planet than any other nation. And let’s not forget the modern environmental movement. That’s America once again. We started that.

And we’re the primary ones who want to save endangered species too. Yes, many nations get credit, but we get the most. Run the numbers.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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