This is a community too

I love this image:
This is a community too

It pretty much sums it up. I hear people all the time claim that they are “animal lovers” and in reality, they think the term “animals” only refers to cats and/or dogs. No. People like that don’t live in the real world.

Every year, humans as a species are over-breeding. Our over-breeding causes extinction. If you go to any zoo, whenever you see a threatened or endangered animal, it’s generally because of “habitat loss” which is the politically correct phrase for human overpopulation. When humans breed like rabbits, they cut down everything else around them. Forests turn to deserts. Rivers and lakes get polluted. And the animals who used to live there die out.

We conveniently forget that we’re not the only species that matters in this planet. So let’s not forget, take a look again at the image and remember that this is a community too.

Image from Rugged Thug


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