Winner in training?

winner in training

A lot of times when I write, I picture the young me with little guidance. I picture myself, young and completely lost. How would I write to that person? Because I know there are young men and women the age of young me who are experiencing the same problems. Because I went through them.

I had no guidance. I had no mentors. My college professors were very smart. However, they believed in that socialism bullshit that never once worked. Yet, they still pushed it like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So there I was, fresh out of college, with no direction whatsoever. I had no idea which direction to go. And I firmly believed that capitalism was not only unfair, but it’s straight up evil.

Yes, I was young and stupid. But more importantly, I had no direction. Nobody to advise me how to make a living.

That, my friends, is why I write. I write for people who either have no direction or could use a little bit of motivation. I write for the fresh out of college me. And I write to inspire. For those who have great ideas, who just need someone to say “do the work, keep going, and it will happen!”

Winner in training

You may not feel like it now. You may feel like everything in your life is going wrong. But if you’re reading this, you’re a winner in training. I want you to make that breakthrough, to succeed in ways other people failed. Then I want you to tell people that Roman inspired you.

Why? Because, I wish someone did it for me when I was in my early 20s.

I wasted my early 20s in college, learning a victim mentality instead of learning how to win. When I actually got out of college, I ran into some people who made money investing in stocks. I found that I too can invest in stocks and make money.

Lo and behold, I started to make a lot of money. And I got high from it. Not drug high, but the natural high of success.

Then, I started talking to real estate agents. They told me that since I have all this cash, I should buy some real estate.

Lo and behold, I started to make a lot more money. Stock plus real estate, baby! That’s the Upper Middle Class secret to having a pretty good living.

So here I was, initially a Working Class kid who suddenly found himself in the Upper Middle Class. I had made all this money, and found out that socialism is bullshit. That capitalism is fair. And that the victim mentality is complete poison.

I could have done this all five years sooner had I not been brainwashed into that socialism bullshit. That, my friends, is why I hate socialism so much. I learned it’s bullshit and it wasted five good years of my life. Actually, closer to seven. But who’s counting?

Definitions are important

And that’s why I talk about things like Alphas and Betas. Once again, an Alpha is a man or woman who controls his or her own life. A Beta is a man or woman who lets life control him or her. I use Alpha and Winner interchangeable. I also use Beta and Loser interchangeably.

That’s why I stress how important definitions are. If you want to be an Alpha, then call yourself either an Alpha or an Alpha in Training. Or you can call yourself a Winner in Training. Either way is fine.

When you start seeing yourself as an Alpha or a Winner, your life will change. You’ll stop stressing about the little bullshit because you’ll realize that a year from now, you’ll completely forget about the little bullshit. Some asshole cut you off on the way to work? Who cares? Some day, he’ll wreck his car and end up in a wheelchair.

Buried up to your neck in student loans? Who cares? You’ll pay it off because you’re the type of person who knows how to make money.

All that little shit is only temporary. You’ll figure out how to fix it because you’re the type of person who figures out how to fix problems.

So what would you say to young you?

I was pretty fucking broke. One year, I hit rock bottom and spent weeks living on friends’ couches. And some nights, I slept in my car, with a loaded gun under my blanket (unchambered of course).

I still had a job and my friends let me take showers at their houses so I wouldn’t stink at work. I’m still in touch with most of them, and very thankful I was fortunate to have good friends like that!

I wrote this article specifically to that person. Hang in there! Things will not only get better, but most of your friends will be asking you for both stock and real estate advice because you’re the guy who knows his shit.

I know. It would have been hard to believe when I was lying in the car, scared, cold, and alone with a loaded gun just in case I got fucked with. But I wish someone would have told me that everything was going to be OK. I wish somebody would have told me that this bullshit is temporary. That I only had to make it through the year.

If you’re in the same situation as young me, hang in there! It’s only temporary. Things will get better because you’re the type of person who doesn’t quit.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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