A few sunrise shots over a hill

I'm not nice

Early this morning, I woke up early to take a few sunrise shots. Last month, I took some shots of the sunset from a different hill. So from this morning, here are a few sunrise shots.

I wake up in the morning and immediately have some pretty good coffee. You already know that I swear by coffee because it lessens your chances of brain degenerative diseases.

Anyways, so I make my coffee, head out to the local hill, and take these shots. I really should have left earlier, but the coffee was really good and I was taking my time.

sunrise over Dinosaur Park

Climbing the hill

another of my sunrise shots

From the top of the hill

I probably could have done a lot better. Not my best effort, but you know me. I want to always be honest with you. Sometimes I create something awesome. In this case, I’m rating this mediocre to average at best.

That said, this year has been awesome

A lot has happened this year. As you know, Skitz left Astral Eyes back in August. So the band is just me, which I’m fine with. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed working with Skitz and really enjoyed how his lead guitar playing style was so much different from mine. I really liked switching off leads, like we did on Creature of the Night. And of course wishing him the best of luck in In Spades.

We got a lot done this year. In March, I got to spend some time in the Caribbean on islands off of Panama, but technically Colombia. In April, we got to work with Jin and Kristy again for the Darvulia video. Then we released an EP on Halloween and even filmed a Halloween video.

I’ve done a lot of composing this year. I already have the Classical EP finished. I just need to hire all the orchestral musicians to record their parts, then mix it.

What are you plans for 2018? Anything exciting? Let me know!


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