Roxy’s Bath

Roxy's legs in water from the watercolor painting Roxy's Bath

I remember like it was yesterday, the first time she disrobed for my pencils. I have seen her naked before. But this was the first time I ever drew her nude.

I could sense her nervousness. She knew I’d make her look good. That wasn’t the problem.

I’ve always been good at reading women. Almost too good. I sensed her insecurities. Would she be good enough for my brush? I assured her that she would be.

The very first painting was of her topless, and looking very shy. It wasn’t intentional. I was simply painting exactly what I saw – a beautiful girl looking slightly nervous.

I painted her hair lighter than it really was since I hadn’t mastered colors quite yet. Otherwise, she loved that painting. She’s proud of the dark brown in her brunette hair.

This time around

It’s been two months now with Roxy. She disrobes with confidence. She’s starting to realize just how attractive she is. (It’s about time).

I’ve always said that women should pose nude. It gives women confidence, something so many women nowadays lack. I’ve always found secure women sexy. Insecure women turn me off. Three strikes, because I don’t like wasting time and insecure women always need constant boosting.

Sometimes I wonder if Roxy’s initial shyness was planned. An act, if you will. Or a test since insecure men fear secure women.

Not me. I love secure women, and Roxy’s really starting to realize she can be herself in front of me.

Roxy’s Bath

Which finally leads to Roxy’s Bath, my latest watercolor. I loved how this one came out. I went back to my old style of painting skin tones. That new shadowing technique ruined two of my otherwise good paintings of Allie. I’ll eventually redo those two.

For now though, let’s talk about Roxy.

Roxy struts her stuff like a pro now. She knows she’s smoking hot.

She smiles as she disrobes and disrobes right in front of me instead of in the bathroom. I love that. I love confidence in women. Especially how she makes eye contact when she takes off her clothing piece by piece. I smile when we lock eyes.

Roxy knows I’ll make her look good. She knows my work ethic. She knows I excel at everything I take seriously. So she knew from the first day she posed for me that I’d make her look good. I don’t settle for mediocrity, especially when there’s someone else involved.

So here’s my latest painting. I’ve been drawing since February of this year and painting since April. I’ve already come this far. I can’t wait to see what I’m doing a year from now.

Roxy's Bath

Roxy’s Bath


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