Of fairy tales and lifelong dreams

owning a storybook house was one of my lifelong dreams

Yes. I have Peter Pan syndrome. I’ll readily admit it.

I wanted to be an NFL quarterback when I grew up. The thing is, I never grew much. Had the rocket arm and the 140+ IQ but no height. Russell Wilson’s taller than I am. And my 40 time pales to his.

So, what came next? Well, I listened to Heavy Metal music and played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.

Then of course got heavily into fantasy. Including architecture.

Funny, along those lines, California has these storybook houses. They’re called that because they look like they literally came right out of a fairy tale. I fell in love with them in the 80s and wanted one ever since.

Well, as luck will have it, I fell into investing by complete accident. Ironically, I was a socialist at the time. Yes, that’s not a joke. Then, I found out that not only does American capitalism work, it’s the most fair system in the world. So much for being a socialist!

So rather than buying an already made one, how about designing one and making one from absolute scratch? Great idea!

You really should follow your lifelong dreams

There’s only one truth in life. You’re going to die, and you only get to be you once. Whether you believe in Heaven, reincarnation, or absolutely nothing, you get to be you only once.

So why not chase your lifelong dreams? It makes absolutely no sense not to.


At least I think so.

Now, I’m way to old to be a football player. Besides, I did try to play semi-pro and injured my knees. That wasn’t fun. Lesson learned the hard way.

Now I’m heavily into both music and art. When I have an idea for something, I have no problems drawing it.

Only a year ago, I’d have to hire an artist to bring my concepts to life. Now, I’m an artist. Or at least on my way to becoming one. I’ll call myself an artist when I sell my first painting for a profit.

A castle or a storybook house?

How about a mixture of both? I’ve always liked the idea of a wizard’s tower. It’s a tower. But livable. And quite chaotic. Wizards never get life right. They get their spells right when they need them. But pretty much fuck up everything else.

That’s why it’s distorted. The wizard created the house himself. And it’s a reflection of his chaotic brain. Looks neat, but it’s off. Some of the lines make sense. Others don’t.

Witches are like that too. After all, isn’t a witch just a female wizard? A witch’s house has a more feminine touch to it.

I’m a man though, so my house will be more masculine looking. Designed by a wizard with a disorganized brain where his poor wife has to made order of his chaos.

That’s exactly what I was going for when I drew this. I’m going to make at least ten of these concept paintings. Then the family will decide which one we’ll actually commit to a blueprint and a contractor.

This is yet another reason I talk about money, my friends. I want you to fulfill your lifelong dreams as well. But usually, they cost money.

Money is just a number to me. We have enough to live comfortably already. We’re doing pretty well.

I’ll consult for another five years or so before retiring. While consulting though, I’m going to get this baby built. Then compose music, paint paintings, and travel the world for the rest of my life.

I already know my magic number when I’ll have enough to retire. Almost there.

And, I can’t wait to show you this house once it’s built. And I’d love for you to show me your lifelong dreams. Like I said, I sincerely hope you can achieve them.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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