My vlogging days are over

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A friend of mine asked me if I was going to continue vlogging on YouTube. I told him no.

I was uploading three videos a week on VidMe, every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Most of the videos were vlogs. As you may already know, VidMe went under since they couldn’t find a way to turn a profit. I’m assuming their investors gave up on them.

I loved VidMe because they were a creator friendly platform. Also, the community kicked ass! I loved how supportive the community was of other creators.

What new videos will I work on?

I’ll continue making Halloween videos for the experience. I still have to get better at making videos. It’s still a skill set that I value.

As we’ve found that music videos don’t get you a good return on investment, I won’t be making that many music videos in the future. Maybe one or two an album, if even that.

Sure, they were fun to make. But we’ll need a return on our investment to make them worthwhile. Keep in mind that video is a pretty expensive medium, unless you’re working with all amateurs.

We weren’t.


Most importantly for me right now, my Grandmother turns 100 next month. We’re flying to the family reunion for her birthday.

She was a piano teacher, and knew music very well. Not everyone in my family supported my art. However, she did. She saw my dedication and supported it, and for that, I’ll forever be thankful.

We have a serious problem in this world about artists. When a kid has artistic tendencies, you’ll have all these assholes who will try to discourage the kid away from art. This includes everything from traditional art to music to dance. Or whatever the medium.

Thus, I appreciate the few friends and family that supported me in the early days, which are by far the hardest.

Well, the hardest? Sometimes I think it’s the long middle, where you’re pounding out creations and nobody knows you exist yet.

Regardless, I’m appreciative of the very few friends and family that supported my art. And no, when I turn a profit, I’m not going to acknowledge people who will say “but I really was rooting for you to succeed.” Fuck them. I know who they are, and they’re out.

Short films

I’ve been studying short films recently. It’s a medium I’d like to get better at.

My first effort was a VidMe exclusive. However as you know, VidMe is no longer. So I decided to upload it on YouTube.

How did it come out? A decent first effort. But, a first effort. So much more I have to learn.

I got a lot of feedback and know what I need to fix in the next short film. That’s the thing though. My plan is not to make Godfather II with my first effort. But rather, have the realistic goal of every one being better than the previous one. Continual improvement.

I’m very realistic about my goal setting. But that’s the thing – I still goal set so I can achieve certain milestones at certain dates.

I’m planning on living a very long time, so over my lifetime, I’ll be an accomplished composer, painter, writer, and filmmaker. The investing I did was merely to fund my early works until they start making enough money on their own.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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