My fifth month as an art student

Just so I don’t confuse anyone who just stumbled on this page, I am not a formal art student. I am a professional investor and failed musician who turned to painting for inspiration.

Yeah, that sounds weird. But it is what it is.

I’m pretty much done with music. I’ve lost the passion for it. I still like to play my guitar and piano. But when it comes to recording, we finished a song last month and we’re releasing it later on this month. I got a bunch of other songs just sitting there in various stages of incompleteness.

Will I ever get around to them? Right now, I don’t have an answer. And frankly, I don’t care.

The funny thing is, I spent from 2007-2009 in one band and 2009 to this year in Astral Eyes. Yet, I feel nothing. I’m neither elated nor sad that I’ve put the brakes on the band.


Because painting is so much more fun

Yes, that’s why.

I don’t have to deal with anyone except Allie. Allie is my model and my best female friend. She’s been modeling for me since March.

February, I committed to taking drawing seriously. In May, I started taking painting seriously.

Five years ago, I was literally drawing stick figures. I couldn’t draw shit.

Then I decided to do drawing exercises. This sounds boring, but it’s what you have to do when you have no artistic skills whatsoever.

I started drawing lines and circles. Over and over again.

I got to the point that my lines and circles actually looked decent. And if you’re wondering why lines and circles, it’s because lines and circles are the basis for everything. Look around you. Everything is a line, a circle, or a combination of both.

Is Astral Eyes dead?

No. Just in remission. Honestly, since I’m having so much fun doing art, I’m in no hurry to finish the upcoming album. I said next year but it could be 2020 or even 2022. I don’t care.

Whatever happens, I’ll be a professional artist in 2022. That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve had a pretty successful career as an investor. I’ve made a lot of money but in my heart, I’ve always been an artist of some sort or another.

Over the years, I’ve done everything from writing screenplays, writing books, writing and performing music to spoken word. Now it’s painting. Why? Because to be honest, Allie pushed me into it. She talked about modeling for me and my initial images sucked. No, I’m not going to show you because they really did suck.

I don’t like doing anything half ass

Since I’m one of those people who have to be good at everything I do, I started taking my drawings of Allie more seriously.

One thing led to another and I started studying art videos on YouTube. I’ll even hire a spot teacher for specific things I want to fix in my art skills.

Five months in, I’m already painting this.

Roman Astral Eyes Midnight Swim

Of course, I’m not claiming to rival Leonardo or anything. But for a guy who’s been an artist for five months, it’s pretty fucking good.

So Astral Eyes…

So Astral Eyes is on the back burner. It’s not dead, just hibernating.

I got an EP that’s just sitting there, waiting for me to complete it. It just needs mixing and mastering.

I also got an album that’s already half done, that I was supposed to release Halloween of next year. I may or may not release it then. It depends on a lot of stuff.

Where to go from here?

The people who know me know that I’m half-retired and taking consulting gigs when I need extra money. I focus mainly on my artwork. I still want to improve my orchestral composition abilities. But I’m waiting for the right inspiration.

Yes, you create your own inspiration. I get that. However, right now I’m totally inspired to draw and paint. So that’s where my focus has been.

Oh, and traveling.

So tell me, what about you? Is one aspect of your life improving really fast, so fast that you’re super proud of it? If so, feel free to share it. I love hearing from passionate people!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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