Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, my friends! This will more than likely be my last post of the year. I’ll be working pretty hard on getting the finishing touches in on these last few 2018 paintings.

So, a retrospective. 2018, I wrote some new music. But then switched my priorities over to drawing in February then painting in April.

Allie and I had a blast working together. It started off in February and we’d get together at least once a week.

It’s funny. You can pour your heart into something and completely flop. You’ll be bummed until you replace your passions with something else.

This happened to me several times in life. Football was everything to me until I picked up the guitar. Then music was everything to me until I picked up painting.

How to beat depression

Yeah, I’m talking about depression in a Merry Christmas post. Why? Because this is often the hardest time of the year for some people. For one, we have limited sunlight. (Unless of course you’re upside down like in Australia or Chile).

For another, you see happy people everywhere and you’re miserable.

OK, think of it this way. Depression is a void. You need to fill that void with something that lifts you up.

Too many people depend on others for happiness. If you have depression, don’t do that. Rather, start enjoying your own company. Create something, and don’t get distracted by stupid shit like social media or too much television.

I’m writing about this because I listen to people around me. I’m noticing a dangerously high level of depression this time of the year. I’ve known quite a few people who have taken their lives now, so it’s not something I scoff at.

Have something to look forward to

Next month, I’m getting back into weightlifting. I’m really looking forward to it. I loved doing it but I haven’t lifted in about a year and a half.

Weightlifting alone makes me happy. Both squats and deadlifts give me runners high.

But as much as I enjoy weightlifting, painting is where it’s at for me now. When not with family and friends this holiday season, I’ll be setting up an online shop. I have no idea what I’m doing. I may even pay some kid to help me out.

It’s time to take my art to the next level. I need to learn how to photograph it better since these photographs don’t do these paintings justice. They look so much more alive in real life. The mermaids and femme fatales look so much more real.

So that’s where I’m at coming up. I hope you have some hot plans for next year.

And that pic? A seal in Canada from 2016. I like seals.


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