It’s been a pretty good week

Yamazaki single malt Japanese whisky - a pretty good week

It’s been a pretty good week. I started off the week recording a very personal song. We dedicated this one to my late Aunt, who passed on in 2010.

She and I were pretty close. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life. And I’ve known quite a few people so that’s really saying something.

Anyways, Nick already laid down his bass guitar and synth parts. Randy miked my amp, and I let her rip.

Roman swears by Orange tube amps

Orange makes pretty good tube amps

I wanted to end the EP with a long ass guitar solo. Yes, it’s mostly neo-Romanticism Classical music. However, I still wanted some semblance of Metal in there. I’m always be a Metalhead, even when I record music like this.

My latest painting of Allie

Allie has the cutest smile

Allie has the cutest smile

I love Allie’s smile. She loved how it turned out. It’s funny, that’s what she said immediately after I showed her the latest.

Allie’s so fun to draw and paint. She’s a positive person.

We had a talk about emotion. Her boyfriend is very stoic. So is my wife. It’s us who are the emotional ones.

Yeah, opposites attract. Actually nature works best that way. Find a mate that compensates your weaknesses and lacks your strengths. Or I could put that the other way around if you want it to sound more positive. Find a mate that lacks your strengths and compliments your weaknesses. Better? I think so. More positive sounding that way.

And sometimes you have to go out drinking

I don’t drink to excess. I don’t like to since I work 7 days a week. Yeah, I know, I should slow down, right? Nah. I love what I do.

I only consult five days a week. But drawing, painting, and music? 7 days a week, every week. Except for vacations. I’ll still draw on vacations but I won’t bring a guitar.

I’ve gotten to the point where I could miss a few weeks a year and not miss a step.

The guitar solo turned out fantastic. I laid it down in only two takes. I screwed up the first take. Dusted off, drank some coffee (note the tea cup on top of the amp – Randy, our producer, married an English lady), and nailed it the second take.

I don’t like taking more than three takes for a guitar solo. I also don’t sit down when recording a guitar solo. Metal is not meant to be played sitting down.

So after recording and another posing session with Allie, I took the Mrs out for whiskys with some friends. I gotta say, the Japanese make some pretty smooth whiskys. The stuff in that featured image? Yamazaki single malt Japanese whisky. Very, very smooth. Flavorful.

My wife ordered that straight. I had three old fashioned on the night, and a lot of sushi to eat. That’s more than I drank in a long time. But it’s been a pretty good week.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week as well. I woke up this morning at the usual Saturday time – 7AM. On the weekends, I get one more hour of sleep.

Cleaned, juiced, enjoyed some coffee, and started another painting. I’m working on an old sketch of Allie. A mermaid this time. I’ll show it to you when it’s done.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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