I’m excited for the future

This is a more personal post. I’m not going to give some pointers I’ve learned over the years. Rather, I wanted to write about how excited I am for my near future.

This weekend, we’ll be filming my very first horror short. I’ve always loved horror as a genre and finally get to work on something.

I wrote the piece, and will direct and edit it. You’ll recognize the lead character as we’ve worked with her several times before.

Kiss from the Blade

Also the Kiss from the Blade EP is coming out this Halloween. It’s four songs, all four orchestrated. Of course I wrote the music and the orchestrations. Skitz actually wrote three of the four lyrics. I only wrote the lyrics to Darvulia.

Anyways, that’s it. I’m getting significantly better at piano since I have a pretty complicated piano piece to play for the May 2018 release. So I’ve been practicing piano non-stop.

What are you working on? And is there something in the near future you’re really excited about?


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