I got cramps for the first time in 2017

every year better than the previous year

So, many times I’ve said that I’ll tell you everything. I don’t brag and only tell you about the things I did right. I’ll also tell you about my mistakes. Well, here is a mistake.

For the first time in 2017, I got cramps. My left ribs right now hurt like the dickens.

My juicer broke 2 days ago. So we haven’t juiced since then.

I told you how I’m on a high fat, high protein diet. However, we also juice as I want to keep my body somewhat alkaline. We eat tons of fruits and veggies and juice in addition to 4 steaks a week, plenty of eggs, fish, chicken, and pork. We only eat small amounts of grains. Absolutely great diet for putting on muscle and/or losing fat.

But with a broken juicer

So as I’ve said, I haven’t juiced in several days. Yesterday, I did the arms and chest pretty heavy. Today, I jogged, then did my sprints. And when I finished, huge cramps in my left rib cage.

Now, two things went wrong. One – I didn’t drink enough water today. That’s mistake #1. Of course, don’t drink chlorinated water as chlorinated water kills your friendly bacteria. Drink either filtered or distilled water, and lots of it.

Two – I should have doubled my intakes of fruits and veggies since my juicer broke. In defense of the juicer, it’s survived juicing every day plus some not so gentle moves. We flip houses and are now living in an apartment. We definitely got our money’s worth with this thing, so not at all blaming the juicer for dying on us.

The new one comes sometime today. So today, we’ll have a big fat juicing, larger than a normal one.

What does not juicing have to do with cramps? Well, ever since we’ve bought that juicer, I’ve never had cramps. That’s despite almost never stretching (I know, you’re supposed to stretch but I hate stretching and always conveniently “forget” to).

Why I take this so seriously

Disclaimer – I am not and never was a professional athlete. I do this not to compete against other athletes. I do this because I want to live to be 100, as long as my mind is intact. If I’m crapping all over the place, it’s time to go. Just like our last dog – we put her out when she was crapping all over the place. She was a great dog, but got cancer and by the time we figured out what was wrong with her, it was already too late. Actually, I regret not putting her out sooner as her last few days were miserable. I loved that dog.

So yes, I’m not a professional athlete. However, I pay professionals to give me advice on pretty much everything. I currently have a life coach. I’ll be picking up another weightlifting coach soon. I paid someone to give us a customized diet (someone who really knows his shit). And next year, I start both piano lessons and painting lessons.

I invest in me because I’m obsessed with every year being better than the previous year. You see, I don’t compete against other people. I compete against myself. 2017 Roman is a big improvement over 2016 Roman. And 2018 Roman will smoke 2017 Roman. That’s the mentality I have.

And speaking of crapping all over the place…

This story is gross. If you’re eating, stop reading. But if you want to know how this family made a very quick half a million dollars, then read on.

As you know, I’m friends with several real estate agents and real estate brokers. I’ve made a decent wad of cash by flipping properties. I’ve written about it, and don’t advice it if you’re the type of guy or gal who doesn’t like to put up with bullshit. You will put up with a lot of bullshit.

However, if you can stomach a lot of bullshit, flipping houses is a great way to make money.

I’ve written about my own condos and houses I’ve flipped. This time around, I want to tell you another story.

Not too far from where we lived, an old man died. His old wife completely lost her mind and for a month until she too died, she never left the house and crapped all over the place. There was literally human shit all over the house and even a lot in the backyard. When I say she lost her mind, I really mean it. She completely lost it.

The lot

The lot itself was a gold mine. I knew it, and wanted to buy it but you snooze, you lose. A Russian family bought it before we could snatch it up, leveled the house, and put up a new house within six months. It sold immediately.

As I’m friends with real estate agents, I know how much things get bought and sold for. They bought the lot for $300,000. They sold it for $1.1 million. Now, I could research more and find out how much they spent, but I’m not in the mood to do that right now. Let’s just say they spent $300,000. (I’m quite sure they spent less, but we’ll say that for argument’s sake).

That would mean that pre-tax, they made $500,000. Since they only owned it for six months, they’ll be taxed. However, $500,000 pre-tax is nothing to scoff at.

Yes, the first few days must have been the worst. I’m sure even watching their steps carefully, some of them still stepped in her shit. That’s pretty fucking disgusting.

However, would you be willing to put up with that shit (pun intended) for $500k pre-tax in 6 months?

Today, I’d say no. Back then, like I said, I was ready to but they were faster. They put their offer down immediately. I hesitated.


The moral of this story is you can make a lot of money doing the stuff that other people don’t want to do.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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