That feeling of achieving something

focusing on actually achieving something

Friends, there’s no feeling like actually achieving something. That’s why I write about stuff like goal setting and also how goal setting can help tackle depression. I take this shit seriously, partially because one of the best natural artists I’ve known in my life hung himself. Also, out here, I’m surrounded by depressed people. Most of these folks have it relatively good too and simply can’t see how well they have it.

So want to feel better about yourself? Then simply focus on achieving something. You’ll find you’ll be a lot happier when you focus on achievements instead of all the doom and gloom going on in the world.

Big goals and small goals

I have some big goals. And I have some small goals.

An example of a smaller goal – last year, I wanted to deadlift three plates. That’s 315 pounds. Now, keep in mind, at the time I only weighed 150. That’s more than twice my weight.

My coaches helped me achieve that goal. They also helped me do the exercise perfectly to prevent injury. (One bad deadlift can do serious damage to your back).

Weightlifting is wonderful for goal setting. You have actual numbers you can work with.

By the time I finished with my coaches, I was at the following. I weighed 150 pounds even and deadlifted 315×1, benched 185×5, squatted 210×5, and did 14 pullups. Note that none of those are elite, but all of them are pretty good.

I’m now at 145 pounds and more focused on running a fast mile (for my age). I know I’ll never get to my high school speed. But for my age, I run a pretty fast mile.

You should always have health goals

Health should always be your #1 priority. I’ve encountered too many successful people who have let their health go and have suffered serious consequences because of it.

For instance, Mozart died in his 30s. His later works started drifting towards Romanticism and I argued that had Mozart not died, it would have been Mozart, not Beethoven, who would have spearheaded the Romantic movement.

I plan on living a really long time. Not for my ego, but because I want to write at least two great symphonies, one violin concerto, one ballet, five solid albums, a kick ass overture, and a serenade for strings. For all those achievements, I need to be healthy because I’m not getting any younger.

You might be the same way. You might have some huge plans you want to pull off. But if you’re in and out of a hospital bed, it’s really going to put a damper in things.

So whether we like it or not, health has to come first. Hey, I would love to go without sleep a few times a week and practice continually. We all know what would happen if I did that.

Actually, I was able to pull that off in my 30s. I can’t do that any more. Nowadays, I need my sleep.

Heading into the studio

I writing this article early in the morning before I head into the studio. We’ll be mixing the first song of a new era of Astral Eyes. We have two new singers (male and female, not exactly doing the Beauty and the Beast thing, but you’ll see…) and this one is the first piece with our new male singer.

No, it’s not me. I don’t sing lead vocals. I’ll sing harmony vocals, but not lead.

So anyways, yes, I’m heading into the studio and I feel really good physically. Despite not getting any younger, I’m feeling physically better than I’ve been since my early 30s, the last time I trained MMA.

I’m in really good shape and feeling really good. That’s no accident. My dietician has us on a diet that works and it’s something that I’ll be following for life. When not bulking, I intermittent fast. I don’t see myself bulking for awhile so I’m down to two meals a day and I love it. I have so much energy now.

These health changes affect my music in a good way. I can focus on composing and orchestration and not worry about my health, because I know it will be there for me. If you’ve ever been sick, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Alright. Time for me to finish this coffee and head out. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And set some goals and actually achieve them!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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