Down to 13 weekly meals

down to 13 weekly meals

There are certain things that get better with age. However, metabolism isn’t one of them.

Yesterday, I took a good, hard look in the mirror and saw a few pounds of belly fat that could definitely go away. Playing the odds, it’s OK to store fat elsewhere. On your stomach though, that increases your chances of diabetes, a few types of cancers, and heart disease.

So, this weight has to go.

Now in your teens and twenties, you can get away with eating garbage and if you work out hard enough, that extra weight will magically disappear. That shit stops in your thirties. By your forties, you really have to be good.

We eat super healthy six days a week and sin one day a week. One day a week, pizza and McDonald’s is fine. The other six, no.

How many times should you eat a week?

It depends on what you do for a living. If you’re a farmer or physical laborer, you need to eat a lot more than if you’re an office worker or professional blogger. That said, if you’re a farmer or physical laborer, take this article and throw it in the attic. Then when you’re retired, take it out of the attic and read it very carefully.

I’m now assuming you’re more a white collar worker. You can go without meals. Intermittent fasting does wonders. It allows your body plenty of time to both digest your food and burn off those extra calories. I’m also convinced it will help you live longer (and healthier).

On top of intermittent fasting, I’m adding a 24-hour fast once a week. This should do the trick of burning those extra few pounds.

That leaves 13 weekly meals

Let’s do the math. Two meals a week would be 14 weekly meals. Minus one since I’m doing a 24-hour fast on Sundays. That’s 13 weekly meals.

Now a hot tip. If you struggle with skipping a meal, you’ll notice a secret ingredient in every diet pill on the market – caffeine.

If you’re thinking that coffee is an appetite suppressant, you’d be 100% correct. Coffee’s a wonder drug. It also helps you when you’re not eating. Drink a cup of black coffee instead.


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