I don’t get intoxicated

gardens in Victoria

I don’t understand why drinking is such a controversial issue. On one hand, you got the extremists on one side who think that everyone who drinks goes out, gets drunk, gets in his car, and kills somebody. So he tells everyone how evil alcohol is and if you drink, you get that unwanted lecture.

On the other hand, you have alcoholics who can’t quit. They drink. And they don’t stop. And they want you to keep up.

No, I happen to like my liver.

I don’t drink to get drunk

I don’t think until intoxication. When we were in Spain, my wife and I enjoyed a bottle of red wine every night.

Excessive? Not really. We were on vacation and having a good time, and the wine was delicious. So were the tapas!

Last night, I played two European board games with my European board game group. I drank a few shots of bourbon over a four hour span. If you do the math, that’s not that much for a person my size.

Alcohol in moderation is good for you

I love to read about people who live a very long time. It’s because, I want to live for a very long time. You may even say that I’m obsessed with living a very long time. OK, I confess!

Do you know what most of them have in common? Most of them drank on a daily basis.

No coincidence, my friends. Alcohol thins the blood.

Yes, you can get the same effect with taking aspirin daily. If you’re an alcoholic, you’d be much better off doing the aspirin since there’s no alcohol in aspirin.

However, if you’re not an alcoholic and you also want to live a very long time…

The anti-drinking people will read this entire article the wrong way

Now watch. The anti-drinking people will totally read this entire article the wrong way. They’d throw all the facts about child abuse, drunk driving, and liver failure from alcoholism.

Yes, I’m aware of all that shit. Once again, there’s daily drinking and there’s alcoholism. Two completely different things.

Drinking daily thins your blood. Alcoholism will not only kill you, it may also kill some family that just got back from their Disneyland trip. Two completely different things.

But then again, extremists on both ends of the spectrum can’t even see the middle.

About the featured image

Abkhazi Gardens, some secret gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. We were there early morning. Drinking to excess, you’re not doing anything in the morning other than nursing your hangover.

Not drinking at all though? Good luck trying to reach 100.


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