“Do you cry?”

A dear friend of mine asked me if I cry. I told her no, but I have nothing against men who do cry. It’s just not me.

I told her why too. I told her that I’m the guy who always keeps everyone else together when the shit hits the fan for everyone else. So I don’t have a choice. I have to stay strong for everyone else.

Now, if you’re wondering the context, I’ll explain.

As you know, I have several really emotionally intimate female friends that I’m totally platonic with. I know that would both upset the pro-marriage folks and also my friends in the red pill community.

The pro-marriage folks often think that emotionally intimate friends of the opposite gender risks your marriage. And of course a lot of red pill folks think that female friends are a waste of time.

I disagree with both. But alas, I’m veering off the subject.

Good friends can talk about anything

We were talking about another dear friend of mine, this one a male. He and I have been friends for over a decade now. No, far from my oldest friend, but still long enough that we know each other very well

Anyways, he had a pretty nasty divorce. It broke his heart and he’d often go into his manager’s office and lose it, crying pretty hard.

So upon telling my female friend about it (it came up when we were discussing why Californians divorce so much and how the majority of my California friends have been divorced at least once), she asked if I cry. And I responded no, as I explained earlier.

Someone has to be the rock

One thing I learned in life – someone has to be the rock. Someone has to take the role of the guy who no matter how bad the situation gets, he’s exactly the same as always. Cool, calculated, and there for those who need him.

That’s me. That’s always been me.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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