On appreciating little things and disasters

So I’m sitting here drinking pretty good coffee and writing an article. Yesterday, I wrote about counting your blessings.

I’m checking about the fire in Sonoma and Napa Counties. It’s getting worse. The death toll is up to 23 but there are also 285 people missing.

My car’s outside and has a lot of smoke on it. I imagine that the folks who live closer to the fire can barely breathe.

I talked to a lady yesterday whose husband works at the refinery in Richmond, and they sent them all home because you can’t safely breathe there. Richmond is across the Bay from the fires, so the smoke is bad on both sides of the Bay.

Disasters happen

I feel so bad for the ones who’ve died, the ones who’ve lost loved ones, and the ones who’ve lost everything. It’s so easy to drink coffee and write about this.

Also, hats off to all the emergency workers. The firemen of course, who are risking their lives to save others. Also the hospital workers who had to move everyone from the hospital that burned down to a new hospital.

And of course everyone else. The ones who keep things going and are still putting their necks out there to help others. You all rule!

I asked in the last post what you’d take if your house burned down and you only had 15 minutes to grab your stuff. We’d lose some valuable things that mean something to us but not to everyone else. Still, they’re valuable to us.

Life of course matters more than anything else. Our first priority would not be any of our possessions. It would be us and the dog.

Once again, my heart goes out to anyone who’s lost in this fire. I’ve seen the devastation first hand after hurricanes.

Speaking of hurricanes

I was lucky. I’ve been through two (I’ve lived in the South as well) and never suffered substantial damage, other than annoyance.

However, I met a guy who had a lot of exotic animals in a preserve. Here’s a guy whose life goal was to keep threatened by extinction animals alive and you know what? A lot of them drowned in the hurricane.

I’ll never forget that story. As a guy who actually cares about threatened and endangered animals, one of the more tragic stories I’ve heard.

Be sure to appreciate what you have. And especially, the good people in your life.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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