Almost finished with Humpty Dumpty

Romantic Metal battle

It’s weird, finally coming to the end of Humpty Dumpty. I wrote this pilot episode back in 2006 and for the next few years, we were trying to gather enough money to produce it.

I talked earlier about ownership, how I wanted control. And of course, ownership for monetary reasons. I’m not in business to make some other guy rich.

Like I’ve said many times, I’ll always tell you the truth. I’ll tell you my successes. And I’ll also share with you my failures.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if you get good at something, you’ll always have it. Even if you fail, you still have that ability. Nobody takes it from you when you fail.

And fail you will. Many times before you succeed.

For example, it took me awhile to learn how to get good at stock investing. I’ve flopped a bunch of times before I started getting good at it. The important thing though is to keep learning and keep getting better.

That goes for everything. I wrote these episodes. I failed to get the funding. But it’s not like someone confiscated them from me because I failed to secure funding.

That’s the beauty of a skill set

You’ll always have it. I still own these episodes so if I had to, I’ll fund the pilot myself and figure out how to get funding for the rest later.

It’s a weird feeling taking something you’ve done over a decade ago and bringing it back. It’s like Black Flames Unleashed. I wrote that song all the way back in 2007.

I almost forgot about the song. Then one day, I started playing the riff and realized that I needed to do something with it. I added orchestration last year and Skitz wrote the words. Suddenly, you have a new song.

That’s how it will feel when we produce our episodes. New actors and new artists will breathe new life into old works. They’ll contribute their own ideas about their interpretations of my writings. And suddenly, we’ll have something new out of something old.

I’m really excited about all this. I know this time around, it will make us money.

Losers will think “do you only care about the money?” Of course not. I also care about the doors it will open.

We have a long term plan. I have a lot lined up and certain things will fund other things. I have my heart invested in each piece. It should be obvious. I see each piece as one of my babies.

Only produce the best

I write tons of music. My wife and I select the best songs. We only produce the best of the best. You don’t hear the mediocre ones. We don’t produce filler.

The same goes for my writings. I write constantly. You’ll only get to see the good stuff. The bad stuff gets deleted.

Anyways, I have almost finished the short story. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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This was one of the scenes from the Morgan Bible, a Bible illustrated in the Middle Ages.


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