2018 was sad and wonderful

Slovenia in 2018

Well, another year comes to an end. I had goals for 2018, and didn’t achieve a single one. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I totally changed this year.

I started the year off wanting to release a song a month. That died pretty quickly. I got disillusioned with music and the music industry.

On a lighter note, Allie became one of the top people in my life. I started drawing her in February and I started watercolor painting in April.

I occasionally will draw and paint Roxy, but she’s not half as consistent as Allie.

I’ll still do music

I’ll still do music on the side. It’s just not one of my big priorities any more. It used to be my life.

It’s hard to sell music. The band sucked away my money. I told one of my session drummer’s father that it would have been cheaper for me to be a drug addict than a musician. He laughed, as he’s a musician as well.

I’ll stick to orchestration though. Rather than a band per se, they’ll be symphonic pieces. Mostly instrumental.

Time to sell my art

I got the shell of the website up at Opium Tales. Feel free to have a look around there. It’s already connected to my PayPal account and you can buy a painting or two if you like the style.

I’ll stylize it in a bit. Right now, it’s just the shell. It still works. And I’m only selling the paintings I’m proud of. I’ve produced a lot, but the mediocre stuff, nobody sees.

Allie still poses for me regularly. She’s doing great.


Travel was my wife’s idea. If it weren’t for marriage, I’d only leave the house to workout or take outdoor photography. My wife is awesome. She wants to see the world.

I’m not sure what the best part of our Mediterranean cruise was. I liked it all. Except for the port in Greece that had the garbage strike going on. That was disgusting. Garbage literally everywhere since no one was picking it up.


The friends that went to Colombia with us last year will go to Chile with us in 2020. I’ve discussed the downsides of having more money than all your friends. You want to do awesome things and they can’t.

It’s funny. I know quite a few paper millionaires here who can’t do anything as their entire net worth is tied up. You can’t get anything for a million dollars here, and your average millionaire has their million tied up in real estate. So forget going on a cruise ship with them. They got no cash.

I got a few friends though that are up and coming. I sincerely hope their plans work since I’d love to travel with them. Traveling with the Mrs is great. Traveling with the Mrs and other people would be even better.

You might think “then make new friends.” Yes. I plan to do that. However, I also keep the same friends forever. I’ve had these friends for decades and they’re good people.

And note that I’ve always said that people who don’t have long term friends are red flags. I really stick by that and strongly want to reiterate that.

This blog

I’m not doing this for money. I use this blog more to just let some thoughts out of my head. It’s funny that people actually read it and I’ll occasionally get comments.

I write for writing’s sake. I enjoy doing it.

For money, I still consult on the side. Now that I’m not so busy with music, I also have time to invest again.

What’s in store for 2019?

I’m going to take my art to the next level. I’ll take Pinterest seriously. I don’t even have that account setup yet. I also have to start a new mailing list. This current one is for music.

Check out Opium Tales. The site is up. It just looks generic right now.

So 2018 was mostly good. We traveled as always. I changed my life direction yet again.

I hope you had a good 2018 and I’m sincerely wishing you the best possible 2019.


p.s. That picture is Predjama Castle in Slovenia from earlier this year.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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