nice guys vs assholes rant - my amp I use for recording

Nice guys vs assholes

You’ve often heard the bullshit saying that you need to be an asshole to get laid and that nice guys don’t get laid. Note that I said bullshit saying. You know why I said it? Because it is a bullshit saying. Whenever I hear someone saying it, I take a

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I Tonya Review

So before I begin my I Tonya review, I should give you a quick backstory. In my previous blog post, Me and Tonya Harding, I explained how I was a huge Tonya Harding fan. If you don’t want to read that longer blog post, I’ll summarize it. Tonya’s skating career

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Me and Tonya Harding

No, I’ve never met Tonya Harding. Nor have I seen Tonya Harding in real life. So why even mention her? Well tonight if I’m not dead tired after a day of mixing at the studio, I’m going to rent I, Tonya, that movie on her. I was a huge Tonya

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