Why we will never have ads on our music videos

We will never have ads on our music videos. I will explain why.

Our music videos are a blast to make. We love making them. The latest one, Creature of the Night, was the most fun yet.

The reason bands make videos though is not just to make videos or have fun. There are two main ways a band gets noticed – videos and playing live. I’ve discussed why we are focused more on making videos than playing live in the past. I don’t know if I’ve discussed it on this particular blog though. If so, I’ll explain once again. If not, here’s why…

I’ve been in music forever. I’ve been in bands ranging from very good to very bad. Regardless of how good your band is, before you get discovered, you’re pretty much playing for your girlfriends and your best friends. They already know your songs. You might get lucky and have a few other people in the audience, but that’s pretty much it in the beginning.

Unfortunately, the beginning takes years. It takes time to build an audience and it’s so discouraging that most bands quit within two years. That’s how it goes.

I’m tired of all that. I’m tired of playing for only a dozen people, most of whom I already know. They know the music and playing live for people you’ve already seen naked is frankly a waste of time and money. Been there, done that, and have hundreds of shirts to sell.

This is where videos come in

So for Astral Eyes, I decided to go a completely different route. Instead of starting as a live act, we’re starting as a video act. Step 1 – Record the music. Step 2 – Make videos. Step 3 – Let the videos generate enough interest that people want to see us live. Step 4 – Play live, and hopefully, it will be mostly people I’ve yet to meet.

Why we will never have ads on our music videos?

So, this is where I answer the question of why we will never have ads on our music videos – because, it will be shooting us in the foot. Once again, the whole reason for the music videos is to have people know our music. The audience watches the videos. The audience knows the songs. The audience hopefully buys our MP3s or CDs and follows us live.

If however, the audience clicks on the ad, we lose that potential fan. We get three cents so a potential fan could see an ad for erectile dysfunction. Great. We lost a fan for three measly cents. How stupid is that?

I want you to watch our music videos

As a member of Astral Eyes, I want you to watch our music videos. I want you to enjoy our music. I want you to buy it. I want you to be a fan and catch us when we tour. I want to shake your hand and sign my name on a copy of our flyer or on our CD or vinyl record insert. I want to meet you. I want to know your name. I want to know something about you. I want to build a relationship with you. I want you to tell your five bestest friends that not only does my music kick ass, that I’m a swell guy and next time we’re in town, you want to take your five bestest friends.

Then I want you and your five bestest friends to bring their other friends, their parents, their neighbors, their siblings, heck, everyone they know. I want to pack the house. I want to play larger venues. I want to be able to tour half the year and record the other half of the year. I want to put out at the very least an album every two years and ideally, an album every year.

And this is exactly why we will never have ads on our videos. All this will never happen if you’re clicking on the erectile dysfunction ad instead of watching our videos and learning our songs and sharing our videos with your family and your BFFs.

So give us a listen. Here is the first video. The second video will be out February 1st.

The second video is a fun little homage to the 80s featuring plenty of partying and of course, human sacrifice. Because, what’s wrong with a little human sacrifice if you could bring your friends back to life? 😉

Creatures of the Night

Scene from Creature of the Night


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