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Well, it’s been quite a year. I just got back from Spain and suddenly it hits me. Our first album is out. Our first video is out – the Up in Flames video. And here I am, on the computer because I’ve got serious writer’s block.

I’m supposed to be working on the next waltz. We signed a two-record contract with Vampiress Records and I got deadlines. Skitz contributes his pieces, I contribute mine. We don’t really combine our efforts on the songs until we reach the studio.

I think he’s farther along than I am. Currently, I got three pieces done. I think he’s got 4. There’s no set limit to how many or how few songs we’re putting on the album. It just has to be “album length,” which could mean anything. Well, not exactly anything. But you get the idea.

Our label is hell of cool. They give us what we want, within reason. We get to work with the Producer we want. We’re not forced into some shitty studio with some dickhead Producer we can’t stand. Or worse – someone who doesn’t “get” our music. Yes, I think that would suck worse than the Producer being a dickhead.

The band supplies the music and the producer supplies the sound. That’s something I read somewhere. I can’t remember where. But it makes sense. If the music sucks, it’s because the band sucks. But if the sound sucks, chances are, you got a shitty, untalented producer. Or a producer who doesn’t understand how the band should sound.

I think we got the best of both worlds. We got a producer who knows sound really well. And he also knows us and what we want.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Up in Flames video and how it turned out. It was funny really. Nick (the Director) got us to really play the parts. A lady friend of mine who has yet to see us play live asked us if I really make faces like that when I play. Well, sort of. In the video though, it’s more because Nick got us to really get into it.

Anyways, check out the video.


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