Top Five Female Metal Singers

I’ll do a female and male list. Females first. OK, my top five female Metal singers.

Female Metal Singers – Honorable Mention

I have to give nods to the past because you know how much I value the historical context. Lita Ford and Doro both have such significant value in the 80s. I actually liked Evanescence’s debut album Fallen, so have to give a nod to Amy Lee. And I like a lot of the stuff Leaves’ Eyes has put out while Liv Kristine was in the band.

So all four of them should get credit when it comes to Metal. Yeah I know. Some of you will say “Amy Lee is not a Metalhead.” She’s somewhere in between Hard Rock and Metal. I’ll still give her a nod.

#5 – Tarja Turunen

Musically, Nightwish put out their best music with Turunen in the band. Bands have their peak years and all of them were with Turunen.

She’s a fantastic singer. I love how she brought Classical training in vogue, so when it comes to kudos, no amounts are enough.

#4 – Simone Simons

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ll know how much I love red heads. Simons is a red head, although she doesn’t have freckles. I still love her though.

Simons brings it. She sings with some pretty intense passion and is easily one of my favorite female singers ever.

Although musically, I think Nightwish is much better than Epica, Simons is one hell of a Metal singer. She brings both strength and softness, and belts either of them out depending on the situation. I love that!

#3 – Cristina Scabbia

I’ve seen Lacuna Coil a decade ago and stood right in front of Cristina Scabbia. Best place in the house. I can tell you first hand that pictures don’t do her justice. She’s drop dead gorgeous.

However, she’s said many times she doesn’t want to be known for her looks. Because, she wants to be known for her voice.

No worries Ms. Scabbia. When it comes to voice, you’re definitely one of the best I’ve heard.

Metally (that wasn’t a word but it is now), she brings it. She has a roughness in her voice that I find very sexy. A nice blend of Metal and Blues.

#2 – Sharon del Adel

Musically, I wish Within Temptation was a bit heavier. They’re too poppy for me.

However, when it comes to voice, it’s hard to top Sharon del Adel. She has pretty much a perfect tone which can’t be topped. Tonal qualities alone, she’s one of the best in the business. I’d take her over any pop singer today. By far.

#1 – Floor Jansen

#1 of my top five female metal singers

Floor Jansen

Although like I said, Nightwish peaked creatively with Tarja, Floor is the epitome of Metal female singers. She sings Metal. She screams Metal. And she is Metal. Everything about Floor Jansen screams Metal.

I’m looking forward to seeing them when they get out here even though I don’t even like their new stuff. She simply brings so much to the table.

I’ve known about her since her After Forever days, but didn’t rate her this highly until I saw her totally kick ass on YouTube. I hate to say this, but when she sang the songs with their prior vocalists, she sounded better than they did.

It’s like she puts out 110% into everything. I love that! You know me – I’m all about work ethic.

So hypothetically, if I wanted to start a Metal band with a male singer, you’ll all know I’d pick Rob Halford. If I wanted to pick one with a female singer, without a doubt, it would be Floor Jansen.

She not only has the voice and the work ethic, she’s also 6’3″. So she looks like a Valkyrie on stage. Especially when she’s all Metalled out.

Floor Jansen gets my #1 spot, and that’s over some extremely talented female Metal singers too!

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Image of Floor Jansen by Cecil. License CC Share Alike 3.0.


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