Queen Mab Has Gone Quite Mad

Who was Queen Mab? Well, honestly, Queen Mab is a pretty minor Shakespearean fairy queen. Jim Butcher, who’s perhaps my favorite current author, expanded her into a pretty interesting character.

I’ve read all of the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. The Dresden Files are about Harry Dresden, a wizard in Chicago. In the first few books, he’s broke and barely getting by. He’s horrible with women. Not horrible as in some creepy asshole, but more bad luck than anything else.

He’s also quite broke, due to neglecting day to day stuff while engulfed in his job as a private detective. And, he’s not very powerful yet.

Sound boring? Far from it. Butcher’s quite a writer. You get sucked in real fast and you won’t be able to put the books down.

As the series progresses

First of all, he becomes more powerful. As a result of hard work and experience, he starts to majorly kick ass.

Enter Queen Mab

Without giving too much away, the fairies want his power on their side. Queen Mab is the Fairy Queen of Winter and it’s hard to tell if she’s insane or if the world’s insane and she’s just responding to a crazy world.

Regardless, you really need to read these books. I wrote this waltz while waiting for the next book in the series to come out.

The waltz itself is in the early Romantic era style, a la Felix Mendelssohn. I’m a big fan of Mendelssohn, my fifth favorite composer. My favorite composers in order are Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, and Mendelssohn. Chopin is probably next.

Anyways, enjoy!

Roman of Astral Eyes

If you haven’t heard the song, give it a listen.

Musically, I wrote this in the style of early Romanticism. I orchestrated it with only two flutes, two clarinets, and strings. However, it’s still quite complex. I wanted to make a point that you don’t need a lot of instruments in order to make a complicated composition.

It’s an instrumental piece. So I obviously won’t be discussing the lyrics.

However, I was inspired by the Dresden Files. If you haven’t read any of those Jim Butcher books yet, give them a read. Butcher can write! He’s a heck of an author.

By the 8th book of the series, she starts going quite mad. That’s probably where I started working on this piece.

Yes, the book was written in 2006. But I didn’t start reading the series until much later.

Faerie Queen of Winter

Queen Mab is actually a minor Shakespearean character. She’s barely mentioned in Romeo and Juliet. However in the Dresden Files series, she’s one of the most powerful characters. She’s the Faerie Queen of Winter, and the daughter of Mother Winter herself.

Queen Mab on VidMe

Queen Mab by Arthur Rackham (1906)

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