Our “Creature of the Night” video has been released

Well my friends, our second video “Creature of the Night” has been released.

It’s sexy and it’s awesome. You could tell Skitz and I had a great time. I’d like to thank the actresses – Alice, Anna, Dash, Maddy, and Nitda. I also want to thank Rob from Blu42 in Walnut Creek for lending us his club for the day. Plus, Kenny the Limo Driver. He was great and even appeared for a quick scene as himself.

I also want to thank Carrie and Issa from Vampiress Records. Carrie helped put the whole shebang together and Issa took care of the girls.

I also want to thank Nick Testa of course, the Director. He also did the first video as well. And yes, Alice was also in the first video as well. We like to work with the same people once we develop a report with them. Nick’s a pretty good Director and it’s no wonder he can do this for a living.

Of course Skitz did the Editing. He did a pretty amazing job.

Oh, of course I have to thank Randy Burk of Stout Recording Studio, Alameda, California. Randy did a pretty amazing job as Sound Engineer/Drummer/Producer. He’s responsible for how the album sounded and since it sounded pretty freaking amazing, goes to show he’s a pretty freaking amazing Producer. Also, he did 100% of the drumming on the album.

And let’s not forget Jake Garcia, a pretty solid bassist. It’s a shame Jake only does session work as we’d love to have him as our touring bassist.

Creature of the Night

The song itself was a leftover from my days with Sin Virtues. It was written very tongue-in-cheek; and it’s an homage to the 80s. I thought I made that obvious. I wrote the script for the video, Nick directed it, and Skitz edited it.

Seriously, every single person I mentioned in the thanks, thank you. Very, very much. Means the world to me. It’s great to see my art finally coming to life after all these years.

Skitz breathed so much new life into the song. His vocals were perfect and his wild and crazy guitar playing is like counterpoint to my guitar playing which tends to fall back on my education. I sometimes wonder if I follow the rules too much in regards to music. If I do, it’s great to have Skitz as a counter to me as he’s modern, more up-to-date, and is not afraid to dabble in dissonance.

Anyways, everyone mentioned kicks ass! We’ll be filming the third video next month and I won’t disclose yet which one it is. If you haven’t heard the full album, sample it at iTunes. If you like it, you can buy the mp3s there or buy a physical CD here. We could always use more sales.

You’re a Creature of the Night, baby!

Roman is a Creature of the Night

My guitar’s electric!

Roman of Astral Eyes

Me during the first lead break

Creature of the Night - Roman from Astral Eyes

Really getting into it


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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