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AC-DC’s Highway to Hell was the last album with Bon Scott before he died of alcohol poisoning in 1980. Released in 1979, this album made AC-DC big in America. It was the first AC-DC album to chart in America, hitting #17 on the Billboard charts.

We all know the legacy of AC-DC. They’re probably the #1 band in America for drinking to on college campuses. Every fraternity party plays AC-DC, because, it’s the law.

AC-DC Highway to Hell (1979)

AC-DC’s Highway to Hell (1979)

Highway to Hell

AC-DC supposedly put on a great live show. I’ve never seen them live, but have heard their music a zillion times on the radio, at parties, and of course, for fucking. Who in America hasn’t fucked to AC-DC? (Besides communists).

Every song on this album kicks ass. My favorite song on this album though is also my favorite AC-DC song – Touch Too Much. Why? Because it’s a kick ass song!

The album also contains the controversial song Night Prowler. If you’ve lived through the 80s, you remember the serial killer the Night Stalker. He was a huge AC-DC fan and supposedly was inspired by this song.

You can of course guess my beliefs on this. Psychos are going to be psychos and to blame music is asinine.


Mutt Lange produced the album. Prior to this album, they’ve been using Angus and Malcolm’s older brother George Young and Harry Vanda as their producers. But the record company wanted a more radio friendly sound and pressured the band to get an outside producer.

So after trying one that alienated them and they eventually had to sack, they ended up with Mutt Lange. We all know what happens next. Mutt Lange is simply the Man. Whatever he touches turns to gold.

The album landed on the Billboard charts and eventually went seven times platinum in the USA.

Unfortunately, Bon Scott died in early 1980 and the band almost called it quits. Ironically, it was Scott’s father who convinced the band to carry on. He probably gave them a speech about what Bon Scott would have wanted.

AC-DC will eventually pick up Brian Johnson and put out one of the best selling albums of all-time in Back in Black with their very next release.

Yes, Back in Black is a great album. Personally though, I prefer this one. Why? I just do. This is my staple album for bench pressing.


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