Fire and Ice Film Review

Princess Teegra from Fire and Ice

Frank Frazetta is hands down my favorite 20th century artist. In 1983, Ralph Bakski, who also did Fritz the Cat, Wizards, and Lord of the Rings(1978), teamed up with Frazetta for Fire and Ice.

Fire and Ice (1983)

I love the artwork of Fire and Ice

Prince Nekron is an evil wizard controlling the glaciers to subjugate or destroy the entire planet. The opening sequence shows a human village trying to stand up against the glacier. Most of them get annihilated and when not killed outright by the glacier, a band of subhumans under Nekron’s control slaughters the survivors.

Larn from Fire and Ice


Larn turns out to be the only survivor of the original village and you get to see him running from and fighting hopeless numbers of subhumans.

Nekron’s mother, Queen Juliana, wants him to mate with the beautiful Princess Teegra. But I’ll stop there before giving away too much of the plot.

Princess Teegra

Princess Teegra about to be captured (and wearing more clothes than usual)

Artwork of Fire and Ice

The movie is very simplistic. Typical 1980s fantasy movie with a clear bad guy and a clear good guy, and a beautiful damsel in distress. Also enter another good guy (Darkwolf) with a revenge motive.

Fire and Ice (1983) movie poster

Fire and Ice (1983) movie poster

Unfortunately, the movie never made its money back in the theater. I didn’t even know about it until years later, despite my love for Dungeons and Dragons at the time. Keep in mind, this was long before the internet, so if the movie didn’t have a big advertising campaign, it relied on word of mouth. Apparently the right mouths didn’t reach my ears.

Frank Frazetta designed the characters, based on his own creations. If you know Frazetta, you’d recognize all the tropes. Bakski directed it. It was neat to do a little research on this movie and find a lot of people I really loved worked on it. Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas wrote the screenplay. They’re both Conan writers for Marvel. Thomas Kinkade worked on some of the backgrounds. Peter Chung (Aeon Flux and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) did some of the layouts. And James Gurney (Dinotopia) was a background painter.

For the artwork alone, it’s worth seeing. I’ve already seen this movie three or four times.

It’s very short though, only 81 minutes long.

giant reptile from Fire and Ice

A giant reptile kills a bunch of subhumans

Cult classic

Despite bombing in the theaters and not making up the money spent, this movie became a cult classic. I’m trying to help spread the good word as it’s a beautiful piece.

Plot wise, it’s a typical early 1980s fantasy movie. Don’t go into the movie thinking you’re going to see Godfather II or something.

But for a cult classic/guilty pleasure, you have to see it. Especially if you love fantasy. Especially if you love either Frazetta or Bakski.

At the time, a lot of critics compared it to He-Man, although in Fire and Ice, people died and you saw blood.

Still, looking back, it was good for what it was. It’s a shame it didn’t make its money back.

Robert Rodriguez wanted to do a remake in the 2010s but unfortunately canned the project after Frazetta died. (Bakski is still alive and still working).

Princess Teegra exhausted after attempting to flee from the subhumans

Princess Teegra exhausted after attempting to flee from the subhumans

Larn and Teegra with a beautiful backdrop

Larn and Teegra with a beautiful backdrop


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