Success takes time

Just a friendly reminder – success takes time. When I say success, I mean both financial success and success at a skill set. Unless you’re a one in a million, you’re going to have to bust ass.

So, I say a friendly reminder to keep you from getting discouraged. Technology has severely shortened people’s patience. We expect things now!

Success doesn’t work like that. Building skill sets don’t work like that either. You’re going to have to bust ass, because busting ass is the only way to do it.

Financial success takes time

When people talk about things like financial success, they almost never mention the hard work involved. It’s because they’re generally trying to sell you something. Usually their book or their seminar.

They don’t want to discourage you because they’ll lose the sale. They won’t tell you the downsides of flipping houses or that you could lose six figures in a week with bad stock timing.

It’s a lot harder than they’ll make it out to be. They also won’t tell you the skill sets you need to have for flipping houses. For instance, I won’t buy a foreclosure because I refuse to fool around with anything electrical. They’ll never tell you that you might get a house that’s been completely thrashed, and it might even come with a pair of tweekers squatting there that you’ll have to call the police on.

I have bought fixer uppers before. I’ve done basic plumbing, built fences, painted, and laid sod. I’ve had to pay for electrical work, putting new carpet in, and putting in a new wall. This is all stuff they won’t talk about.

There’s a reason why you can get certain houses for cheap. They’re almost never ready to flip. You have to fix them, and it’s either going to take a lot of your time or a lot of your money.

Now with stock market investing, I strongly advice people I care about to focus mainly on boring ass index stocks. When you know what you’re doing, then you buy individual stocks.

Why? Because you could lose a shitload of money with individual stocks until you learn things like financial statements, timing, and stop losses. You need to know these things.

Success takes time when we’re talking about skill sets

I’m a damn good musician. That took a damn long time. What you’ll never hear from anyone is just how many hours guitarists spend practicing scales over and over and over again.

You’ll also never hear about how musicians spend every day practicing with a metronome. Sound boring? Well, if you don’t, your Sound Engineer will yell at you for either falling behind or pulling ahead of the drummer.

I’m also a pretty good writer. That took a lot of teachers I paid for out of my pocket to teach me how to write and edit. It also took several readings of Shrunk and White’s book.

Some writers say you should read that book once a year. I definitely wouldn’t argue that!

success takes time

This article took nine edits

In my early years of guitar, I had jealous haters who bitched that I picked up guitar faster than they did, so I must be lucky that I have natural talents.

No, I spent every single hour I could practicing. Meanwhile, they were getting drunk and/or watching TV.

So don’t get discouraged

It’s easy to get discouraged nowadays. You’ll see your friends on social media bragging about doing something awesome. What they won’t tell you is that they have thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

And it’s true that technology has made us more impatient. We expect things faster because we’re used to it.

You could pretty much order anything online. You could buy our debut album and get it in a matter of minutes. Back in the old days, you’d have to drive to the record store and often, the album you wanted wasn’t in stock so you’d have to special order it and wait a few weeks for them to call you.

Just the other day, Amazon bought out Whole Foods, so you’ll actually be able to get Whole Foods delivered to your door soon. That’s just crazy.

We live in a world of convenience, and the cost is folks understate hard work. A lot of folks never learn to bust ass. Not blaming them, as technology has made us lazy.

So, don’t get discouraged if things don’t come fast. Getting the body you want takes time. Making the money you want takes time. Developing the skill sets you want takes time. Success takes time.

If you’re getting discouraged, this is just a friendly reminder. Keep going! It will come.

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Me with my PRS SE. Dollar for dollar, one of the best guitars out there.

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