Making money takes time

making money is not a sacrifice

Making money takes time. Don’t give up because you expected to get rich quick.

I really hate the get rich quick people. I hate them because they do more harm than good. When so many people believe they can get rich quick, most flop, get frustrated, and quit. We need more people, not less, to make money because making money creates jobs. And you need to constantly remember – making money takes time.

Making money takes time – my story

OK, my story is rather boring. I did two things. I flipped houses and I bought stocks. Nothing fancy.

However, the combination of the two are very effective. I’m not rich (rich = $30 million or more in net worth). I am however in the upper 5% of Americans in net worth. That’s coming from a guy who started with nothing.

Make a six figure income doing something you can tolerate doing. Flip houses. Buy and hold the DOW. Wait.

Nothing sexy. Nothing to write home about. Highly effective.

Too many folks think you have to do something fancy. They know all these fancy ass terms. They know all this terminology, believing by being super smart, they greatly increase their chances. Well, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I just know what I did worked as I’m now living with enough money to not care what others think about me.


Timing seriously helps. Folks say that you cannot time the market. I call bullshit. I say you can since I’ve timed the market more than once.

This is how you time the market – when it goes down, buy more. When it goes way down, buy way, way more.

Control your spending. You need the capital to invest. BMWs and big screen TVs are the road to debt. Drive a used Saturn and put that extra money in the stock market or to fix your lawn on your house you’re going to sell.

A note on credit cards

As for credit cards, if you can’t buy something in cash, don’t buy it. Period. Some credit cards though give you cash back. If you have the self-control, then by all means, take advantage of them. If you don’t have the self-control, then by all means, don’t.

However, if you’re going to buy properties, you need a credit score that’s at least 750. The game is designed to put you in debt as your debt makes them richer. Thus, I designed a system to get you to use your credit cards without getting you in debt.

When you purchase something with a credit card, mark it on your checking account register. I mark it as “DNS – credit card name.” The DNS stands for “do not spend” and the credit card name might be something like “Roman’s Bank of America visa.”

Then twice a month, I add all the DNS lines back into the balance and pay off those credit cards. Yes, twice a month, so there’s no way these credit card companies make a penny off of me.

With the extra cash, I give it to my wife so she can buy books at the bookstore. She loves her books.

Building wealth slowly

So this method is for people with jobs. It’s designed to accumulate wealth slowly. You need to keep an eye on your investments and you need to remove emotion from investing. Don’t make any sudden moves and don’t listen to idiots on the street unless that idiot has already made a million in the stock market.

When the market tumbles, that’s when you make the big bucks. Then, you want to go all in. Note that you need to buy continually. Feed your 401k to at least $10k a year and when you leave the job, roll that into an IRA.

I’ve never had a 401k I liked. They always suck as they have limited options. That’s one thing I’m glad about leaving the job – you get to roll your 401k into something that actually works. IRAs are great! You can do what you want with them.

The same applies with houses. Nothing wrong with renting when the hordes of sheep are buying houses. Expect a crash when your idiot neighbor starts taking out money from his house, thinking property values will continue to go up and up.

Newsflash – property values don’t always go up. We’ve seen crashes several times, and everyone remembers the infamous crash of 2007-2008. Yet, most people think it won’t happen again. (Most people are stupid).

Pay it off if…

Now, if you’re living in your dream home, then pay it off. Don’t ever take money out of it. Banks fucking love it when you do that because they win and you lose. Let me repeat that. Banks fucking love it when you refinance your mortgage because they win and you lose. They win. And you lose.

I’ve seen so many instances where people have a thirty year mortgage and have already paid eight years off, then refinance into another thirty year mortgage so they can get money out of it, get a lower rate, and pay off their credit cards. That is fucking stupid! You just added another eight years to your mortgage.

Rule of thumb – if you’re flipping the house, then flip the house. If it’s your dream home and you want to die in it, then pay it off.

You’d think all this stuff is common sense, but it’s not. Nobody talks about money because money offends everyone. Thus, I talk about money so today’s young people will be millionaires in their 40s or 50s if they follow this.

I want you to have money. And I want you to think “I like that Roman guy, so I’m going to buy his music/books.” Of course I write this with an ulterior motive. But unlike most people with ulterior motives, I’ll tell you what mine is. I want you to like me and buy my music and my books.

So, I’m telling you everything I did right in life. I’ll tell you how I got healthy and how I made my first million. I’ll also warn you about what you can seriously do wrong to screw up your life.


You can make vastly more money by starting a successful business. As I have two side businesses and neither of them have turned a profit, I’m not going to say shit about them until they become profitable. I really hate people who talk out of their asses.

This article is for people with jobs.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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