Making money is not a sacrifice

making money is not a sacrifice

Yes, I blatantly ripped this title off from Wall Street Playboys. And yes, I’m in complete agreement with their position. But, they only spent three paragraphs on it. I wanted to run a bit further with this.

My wife and I sacrificed our 30s for our 40s. And you know what? The rest of our lives will be pretty fucking easy.

If you’re unwilling to make a ten-year sacrifice for yourself, then I simply don’t know what to say.

I’ll put it this way. I intentionally write my blog to cater to a specific set of people. I don’t want people who choose to remain losers following me. Seriously, if you choose to remain a loser, go read HuffPo or some other beta site.

I want to surround myself with winners because winners push you up. I’m all about getting better and better.

That goes for everything. I don’t settle for mediocrity. I didn’t marry a fat, ugly woman. If a company wanted to low-ball me, I’ll tell them “no, I got better offers.” I take my health seriously.

And now, it’s my art. I’m an art student, one who started taking it seriously only in February of this year. Yet, I already have pieces I’m proud of. That’s because I got an insane work ethic. It has absolutely nothing to do with natural talent.

Now let’s talk about making money

I spent over two hundred words talking about mindset. Why? Because mindset is the most important thing when it comes to making money.

Now, making money is indeed a sacrifice. But it’s a short term sacrifice that’s worth it. Because in the long-term, you’ll actually save years of your life by making money. Yes, you’ll actually save time.

That’s something losers don’t understand. When they make statements that they don’t want to sacrifice their lives, that’s just a pussy ass bullshit excuse.

My life rules. I’m not in the position yet where I could retire. But, I can take a year or two off work and travel. As I have.

Now my main goal is to get better at my artwork. I’ve already made a lot of money and reached fuck you money years ago.

If you don’t know what the term “fuck you money” means, it’s simply having enough money to not have to put up with any bullshit. For instance, if your boss is a dick, you could just say “fuck you” and walk out, take a year off and think, then look for work again when you’re done thinking. That’s what it means.

It doesn’t mean rich. Rich means you never have to work again.

I’m not rich. I still have to work. But I could take a year or two off work and at worse, I’ll have to sell some stock.

I hate selling stock because I’m so good at investing. Selling assets makes me sad since I know those assets will make me more money in the future.

So what’s the sacrifice they’re talking about?

OK, let’s make something clear. Losers think you have to give up your entire life. Winners realize that you have to give up a few years if you’re smart.

If you’re stupid like me, it will take you a decade and a half. That’s because I’m stupid. Smart people do it much faster.

Then, the rest of your life is easy. I’m on easy street now until I retire. Everyone who knows me says that I rarely not smile. That’s because I’m set for life and I know it.

Don’t you want to put yourself in that position? And seriously, what kind of a sacrifice is a few years to make the rest of your life easy?

That’s yet another reason why I’m honest. I’ll tell you my fuck ups so you can avoid them. I’ll tell you what I did right so you could emulate that. It’s good to know both.

Actually, you need to know both. You need to know the right way to do it so you can copy that. And you need to know the wrong way to do it so you could avoid that.

Are they set in their 40s?

The people who say “I don’t want to sacrifice to get rich,” take a good look at them. Do you want to trade places with them?

Let’s be real. Let’s assume you’re a man.

Men like toys and hot chicks.

If you’re poor but fucking a hot chick, in my book, you got it better than a rich guy with a fat wife who screams and degrades him on a daily basis. By far.

If you’re poor and let’s just say the only toys you want are guns, and you have all the guns you want, then you’re doing something right.

Now that that’s out of the way, most poor folks are worrying about money all the time. I know this first hand. I used to be poor. Actually, I’ve been homeless before. It fucking sucks.

I’ve wasted years of my life being reckless. It was fun, until I ended up having to pay for everything. I was lucky that I didn’t get an STD.

Then when you’re down to a car, your clothes, and a gun, you realize that you need to really re-evaluate your life.

So I committed to fixing myself. I sort of red-pilled myself and figured out what I needed to do to make six figures.

Once I started making six figures, I started to study stocks and real estate. Losers love to say that stock investing is all luck. That’s why they’re losers. Stocks are hands down the best investments a middle-class person can buy. Of course starting your own business is better than buying stocks. I’m assuming though that you are working for someone else.

How I spent my 30s

My wife and I raised a son. He’s now independent after serving his country.

But while he was living with us, we made sure he went to good schools. We rented shitty apartments in the right neighborhoods to make sure his schools were good schools. A sacrifice? Sure. But well worth it.

And we said in advance that we will sacrifice our 30s for our 40s. And guess what happened? Exactly that.

Our 30s were work, work, and more work. But we always made time to spend with our son. When he was young, we’d take him camping and to Disneyland. When he got older, we had him playing various competitive sports. Boys should be competitive. If not, they often grow up to be pussies and spend the rest of their lives being pushed around. More on that another day though.

We busted ass. Yes, it was hard. We focused on making money, mostly by first making money at our respective jobs, then taking our spare money and buying piece of shit properties that needed to be fixed up and of course stocks.

To be honest, if I could do it all over again, I’d say fuck the rental properties. That was too much work and too much bullshit to go through. I’d just do stocks and only stocks. We kicked so much ass with the stock market that the $50k here and $70k there in real estate wasn’t worth it at all. With stocks, you don’t have to worry about shitty tenants and other bullshit.

How we’re spending our 40s

Now, we work when we need to. We’d be rich if we’d leave San Francisco. But we love this area too much. Just in case you don’t know this, there’s absolutely nothing under $1 million. A tiny, piece of shit condo here is $1.2 million. So being a millionaire, you still have to work.

But, we can work one at a time now. I’ll work. Then she’ll work. We no longer both have to work.

We also make sure that we can get a lot of time off to travel. Every year, we go to a new country that we haven’t been to before.

Now seriously, was that sacrifice worth it? Before you answer, keep reading.

How we’ll be spending our 50s

My wife will be long retired before she reaches 50. Yes, she’s younger than me by several years. By the time she reaches 50, she’d be long retired.

I’ll work on and off in my 50s. I’m estimating that I have to work three or four years in my 50s before I can retire for good, depending on how lavish we want to live.

I want to own two houses outright in two cities. Why two cities? Because, that’s our style. I can’t imagine living in one city. I just can’t imagine it. We like change too much.

We’re closing in on rich. Like I said earlier, we’re not rich. Rich means you can retire. We’re closing in on it, but we’re not there yet.

Now all the sacrifices we had to make are long over. Long over. Neither of us have to work hard. We’re on easy street. We got easy lives.

We’re still in our 40s and have easy lives. Neither of us have any stress. We don’t do yoga and we don’t meditate because we won’t need to.

We’ll be spending our 50s traveling the world. When we’re not traveling, I’ll be both painting and composing. I’d like to get a symphony or two under my belt and also a few ballets. I’ll also like to paint larger, I mean almost life-sized.

Was the sacrifice worth it?

Our 30s came and went. They’re over now. I look at people my age and I feel bad for them.

The people who know my lifestyle are either inspired by it or they envy me for it. I used to work with a beta male who envied my lifestyle big time and would say stupid shit like “you’d respect women more if you had sisters” in an envious attempt to make me feel shame.

Of course it didn’t work. I know psychology better than almost everyone and know what people are really saying when they say things. I don’t think you have to be a psychologist to know what he actually meant, especially considering he used to come over to my photography studio and spend copious amounts of time checking out the nudies.

I do love the young people who are all ears. Seriously, I fucking love those people! “What should I invest in?” Or, “where’s your favorite place you’ve been so far?”

And when I meet someone interesting, I’m all ears. Like I said before, I’m definitely not the smartest guy. I fucked up big time. I should have had fuck you money way sooner.

Do a survey

Now though, look at everyone in your 40s you know. How many of them still look good? How many of them have a million or more in net worth? Also, how many of them are still in love with their wife or husband? How many of them are divorced?

How many of them are healthy? My recent PRs were not elite, but still quite good. At 150 pounds, I benched 185×5 (without a spotter since that’s not that much for me), did 14 pull-ups in one set, dead-lifted 315 one time, and squatted 210×5. Like I said, none of those elite, but all pretty good. Plus, most guys aren’t that well balanced. They’ll be elite at one thing and suck at something else. I don’t suck at anything. And I can still run a seven minute mile with very little difficulty.

How many of them are happy? Look at their faces. Look deeply into their eyes. Don’t ask them. Actually look. The truth is in their faces and in their eyes, not their words.

You know the other way to know if they’re legit? By feel. Do you want to take advice from them? Or, do you find yourself making excuses to get away from them?

If you’re an intuitive guy or gal, you just know.

It’s all worth it

This is my life, in chronological order from 2015.

The Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain

I’ve always wanted to see the Sagrada Família in real life. Finally did in 2015

Botanical Gardens

I go to Botanical Gardens when I’m too lazy to drive far, but need to think

on the way to Reno

I love the snow (taken from the car while my friend drove us to Tahoe)

Hana in Maui

Hana in Maui 2016

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night video

Alice, Dash, Maddy, Anna, and Nitda from the Creature of the Night promo shoot, 2016

Astral Eyes Succubus shoot

Jin N Tonic and Kristy Jessica from the Succubus video shoot in Las Vegas, 2016

Alaska Glacier Bay cruise

My wife wanted to see the glaciers in Alaska, 2016

Feeding the seals in Victoria, Canada

Feeding the seals in Victoria, Canada 2016

San Andrés (Colombia)

Spending some time in the Caribbean – San Andrés (Colombia) 2017

Frankenstein ballet

The Frankenstein Ballet, SF Ballet 2017. Support the arts!

Halloween 2017 video

Promo from the cheesy Halloween video we made, 2017. That’s Nitda. She’s a very cool woman in real life

sunset picture

Sometimes you should just take pictures of sunsets. From last year


America has tons of places you should see. Colorado earlier this year

Venice, Italy

Venice from back in May

waterfalls in Croatia

Croatia from June

Castle in Slovenia

Slovakia has a Medieval castle half inside of a cave! From June

Dubrovnik Croatia

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Then you need to go to Croatia

Now I’m just focusing on my art

Allie and Roxy are my live models. They pose. I draw them. Then I paint them.

Roman's watercolors


Roman's watercolors - Roxy



Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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