I’m not the millionaire next door

most things are not that important

Have you ever read that book The Millionaire Next Door? Well, if you have, that’s not me.

I would hate to be those types of people.

A million dollars is just a number. I never cared about money as much as I cared about what money could buy me. It’s just a tool, just like my cooking knives are tools to help me cook and my paintbrushes are tools to put different colors on my watercolor paper.

I read that book and immediately thought to myself “what’s the point?” They don’t know how to have fun because they’re too frugal to enjoy life.

Yes, you can get a million dollars by being frugal. But you know what? It’s not worth it. It’s much better to get a million dollars by making a lot of money and living life to the full.

No, that doesn’t mean spending everything you have. Always put 10% aside for investing so you’ll have money until you’re dead. And of course invest wisely.

But with your extra money, enjoy it. Or else, don’t bother trying to hang out with me because I have zero friends who are frugal. I hate frugal people.

The millionaire next door is for boring people

There’s only one fact in life. You and I, will die.

When you’re on your death bed, will you have regrets? I won’t. My wife and I have a pretty long list of the things we’ll do before we die. We’ve been knocking them off one by one.

We got a list of countries we’re going to go to. We’ll also hit every state in this gorgeous nation, including some must see parks and sights.

I’ll also get a lot of painting and composing done. Unlike most men, I don’t hide my heterosexuality either. I like young, beautiful naked women.

It’s funny because when I was younger, I thought about fucking hot women all the time. Now that I’m old, I want to paint them. How we change!

That stupid book bragged about how boring these people were. They had no idea what caviar tastes like (it’s overrated, but at least I’ve tried it) and preferred hot dogs.

Screw that. I like high end steaks and sashimi. I’m not going to eat cheap. And my servers all know me on a first name basis and know they’ll get good tips when I come in. So they treat me accordingly. The millionaire next door types are “too frugal” to enjoy the finer things in life.

I’m not in it to show off either. I’m in it to…

I don’t care about impressing anyone. I drive a piece of shit car that goes from point A to point B. It’s because, it still runs.

Yeah, I’m cheap when it comes to cars. But there’s a difference between being cheap on things I don’t give a fuck about versus living life.

I never wanted to have money just for the sake of money. I wanted to have money so I could spend it on the shit I want to spend it on.

The millionaire next door types hoard money and don’t do anything with it. Then, you have to seriously ask, what’s the point? Like I said, boring people.

Even six months into drawing and four months into watercolors, I’ve already learned a lot about art. I’ve learned Daniel Smith paints are pretty fucking nice and if you buy cheap watercolor paper, it will tear when you do excessive washes. So now, I only buy the good stuff.

I spend my money on good food, good company, good art equipment, self-improvement, and travel. But that’s the thing – I spend my money.

I still occasionally take a day job because like I’ll always tell you, I fucked up creating businesses. Hats off to anyone who can create a successful one. You’re smarter than I am. I’m only good at making tons of money at a job because I’m really good at fixing shit and of course investing in stocks and real estate because I understand timing better than most people.

And like always, I don’t say this to brag. I’m just honest. I rule at X. And I suck at Y. I’ll never tell you I’m good at something I’m bad at and I’ll never tell you I’m bad at something I’m good at. I tell the truth. Always, which is better to you readers than most bloggers. I’m quite honest about my achievements and also with my shortcomings and fuck ups.

What do you want out of life?

Ask yourself one thing – what do you want out of life? And don’t lie to yourself. Ever!

It’s one thing to lie to me. But to lie to yourself is one of the dumbest things you can possibly do. Maybe the dumbest thing you can do.

Be honest. What do you want out of life?

And remember, you’re going to die. That’s the only truth there is.

So, you can take that truth and feel sorry for yourself. Or, you can figure out how to get the most out of the time you have.

I’d much rather you pick the latter as I’m looking for more cool people. I got some cool friends that I go back 20+ years with. But you know what? They’re not always available.

Like for instance, we went to Colombia last year with some friends but this year, nobody was able to join us for the Mediterranean cruise. It was a blast, but it would have been even more fun if we had another exciting couple or two with us.

I’m trying to meet people who are better than I am in several categories. Like for instance, drawing and painting. I’d love to meet someone who can teach me how to do things properly. I’m learning simply by hiring a live model (a dear friend of mine) and watching YouTube videos.

I’d love to have a more hands on teaching method but I don’t want to go back to formal school. I still to this day have nightmares about college and to be honest, I don’t want to experience that again. I found the real world so much easier than college.

“Why are you so mean?”

I had an acquaintance find out about my blog, read it, and ask me why I’m so mean. I’m not mean. I’m honest. Big difference.

I say whatever is on my mind because I can. You get me unfiltered.

To some folks, I’m offensive. Winners however love me for it since they generally find honesty refreshing in this age of hypersensitivity.

I say what I like. I also say what I don’t like.

Now you know that I don’t like people who have all this money and don’t know how to enjoy life. I think they’re stupid and I don’t want to be friends with them.

Anyways, here are a few more shots of the Mediterranean. We’re going back to Italy next summer because 11 days on a ship doesn’t give it justice. We love cruises because we’re lazy when we’re on vacation. But, we decided we need more time so we’re going back on foot this time.

Enjoy my friends. Get rich, and spend that money on things you enjoy!

By the way…

We met a 29-year-old girl in Venice who “gets it.” She’s 29, speaks five languages fluently, and has lived in Switzerland, Los Angeles, Japan, and now lives in Venice. She’s not even from Switzerland. She’s from somewhere else, like Denmark or the Netherlands. I forgot her original country.

Anyways, she’s lived in more of the planet than I have. Although I probably have 100 times her net worth, she’s kicking my ass in life experiences. I’d much rather have her life experiences than my money. And yes, I’m quite serious. She’s got more guts than I do.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Do you like the Game of Thrones? Recognize this?

the four seasons

Six ladies playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in period costume in Venice. Well worth seeing!

Venice from a gondola

I wish I took more pictures from the gondola in Venice but I was having such a good time that I forgot to

Slovenia caves

This cave in Slovenia was so big that we took a train inside the cave to get here

Croatia waterfalls

Croatia isn’t just Game of Thrones. Her outdoors are lovely!

Greek ruins

These Greek ruins are older than Christ!

Malta from speed boat

Malta is gorgeous as well but once again, i wish I took more pics. But I was having so much fun on the speed boat, surrounded by cool people

Taken with the iPhone 8

The featured image is in Venice. All these shots are taken with the iPhone 8. Damn good phone. I’m going to buy my wife the X soon because she also likes to take pictures. These phones have real good cameras.


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