Buy and hold the DOW

an above and beyond mentality has done wonders for us

DISCLAIMER: This is long-term we’re talking about. Long-term means more than ten years, but in this case, more like twenty years. Don’t blame me if you cannot understand this concept.

There are several ways to get fuck you money. You can flip houses, invest, buy rentals or apartment complexes (start small obviously). Or you can start a business.

You get these get rich people tell you all the time how magical real estate is. Let me tell you the truth – it’s a pain in the ass! Yes, you should own something. But you’ll quickly learn that some renters deserve to be forcibly sterilized. (I’m being nice).

I’m not going to go into how to be rich. My net worth is considerably under $30 million, which is the bare minimum to call yourself rich. I have no business telling you how to do something that I have yet to do.

People who do that get under my skin. I have very little respect for people who have the audacity to tell you how to do something that they haven’t done themselves.

However, I have fuck you money. So, I can advice you how to get there.

The stock market is a great investment

People who say that the stock market is rigged, that it’s all luck, or something along the lines need to be slapped upside the head. I’ve made a lot of money in the stock market. So has my wife.

We both have fuck you money. I got it through flipping houses plus stock investing. She got it from stock investing. Therefore, we’re going to talk about stock investing.

Let’s keep it very, very simple though. I’m not even going to talk about stocks. I’m going to talk about one index stock – the Dow’s Spider stock. It’s simply the Dow Jones Industrial Average bought and sold as a single stock. The ticker is DIA.

You need to have cash

You’ll need cash. If you don’t have cash, then figure out why.

Too many people buy stupid shit. They complain to me that they have no money and of course say that I’m lucky, then I go into their houses and they got big ass TVs and his and her SUVs. No wonder they have no money.

Stop buying stupid shit! Keep cash in a liquid account, and start putting more money into your brokerage account. I like both Scottrade and E*Trade. I got both and I like them both. They’re not the only ones though. They’re just what I happen to use.

At least once a year, buy an index stock. Some folks like SPY, the S&P 500 Index. I like the DOW because over its history, it goes up an average of over 10% a year (including dividends). 10% doubles your money every approximately 7.3 years.

Do the math, my friends. If you start investing in your twenties, you’ll have real money in your forties.

Index stocks – hold the DOW

Index stocks aren’t the only things I invest in. I’m currently long in a few funds and some technology companies. I made a lot of money in Apple, Ford, and Nordstrom over the past decade. Those stocks were ridiculously underpriced so I jumped in like a madman. (Of those three stocks, I only still own Apple).

But if you don’t have the time to watch individual stocks, buy and hold the Dow index. It’s very simple. When the market goes up, buy a little and hold. When the market goes down, buy more and hold. And when the market tanks, buy like a madman.

When the market tanks, that’s when you make the real money. For instance, I vividly remember early 2009, DIA was at 70-something. You can bet your ass that I bought like a madman when that happened. Today, it’s at $204.37.

I like my current employer. A lot. But hypothetically, if management all retires and they get replaced by assholes, I can go up to them and say “fuck you!,” take half a year off or a year off and compose, record, and travel, and then look for another job when I get back.

That’s financial freedom, my friends. I have it. I want you to have it too.

Especially, I want my friends and family to have it. Because we want to see the world and there are only a handful of people we’ve known over twenty years who can afford to travel with us.


In summary, have a long term mentality. Start early. Hold for decades. Buy a little when it goes up. Buy a lot when it goes down. And buy like a madman when it crashes. It’s when the market crashes when you make the real money. While everyone else is panicking, you should be smiling.

Romantic Metal piano

The most important thing about having money is having the freedom and time to do what you want


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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