You’re probably smarter than you think

smarter than you think

You’re probably considerably smarter than you think. I’ve encountered so many people through my lifetime who sell their brains short. They’ve had teachers or other students in the past tell them they were stupid. Or slow. And it stuck with them throughout their lives.

Or they sucked at something. You know what? Everyone sucks at something. However, the thing they sucked at rubbed them the wrong way and damaged their confidence.

Creates a vicious circle

So someone called you stupid. And you believed it. And it’s stuck with you ten or twenty years later.

As proof, you got to a math level where you were coasting the level before. Then suddenly, you couldn’t pick up the concepts and you got a D. You asked someone for help and that person thought you were stupid and indirectly “proved it” to you.

So you combine those things in your past and now you doubt your cranial abilities.

Don’t do that. Like I said, you’re smarter than you think.

The thing is, you need to start believing it. Retrain your brain to rather than thinking “I’m not smart enough to do this,” think “I need to try harder.”

Reprogram your brain

You already know the story of the rabbit and the hare. Well you know what? Life is long. You get a long time to learn things.

Education doesn’t end after you get out of school. You should always be learning.

In my 40s, I learned diet/nutrition, weightlifting, orchestration, and now I’m learning how to draw. Those are great life skill sets.

I’ve already been out of school for a few decades. Like I said, your education doesn’t end after you get out of school.

I could go and learn one more semester of calculus if I wanted to. Or a foreign language. Those are things I’m weak at. But if I do them slowly, I could pick them up.

No time limits

You may naturally suck at something. That only means it will take you more time than the average person. It doesn’t mean you can’t do something. You just will take more time.

That’s what I mean to reprogram your brain to believe you can do things. You simply need to allow yourself more time.

Where a life coach comes in

I hired a life coach last year. She measured my strengths and she found out strengths I didn’t realize I had. Notice no mention of weaknesses. Rather, she explained how to play to my strengths.

We all have strengths. I can guarantee you that you have at least five strengths that you’re naturally (or genetically) better than me at. Probably more than ten, but we’ll just say five for argument’s sake.

Have you ever thought of what they are?

If you can’t figure what they are on your own, maybe you need a second party to. That’s what I had to do. Some folks can do this on their own. Some can’t. I’d rather hire someone, but that’s just me.

This is where you can get someone else to prove that you’re smarter than you think. You’ll realize “wow! I didn’t realize I’m naturally good at that. I need to use that skill set more.”

So was hiring a life coach worth it? Big time!

If you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around, let me just tell you this. We focused on playing to my strengths, and also gratitude.

Gratitude is way more powerful than you realize. I’ve found that grateful people are more often than not good people. I’ve also found that ungrateful people are more often than not shitty people.

But enough on gratitude. Let’s get back to the meat of this article.

Life is long

You have two sets of abilities. One is the ones you’re naturally good at. The other is the ones you want to be good at. Know the difference.

The ones you’re naturally good at, you should be using to make you money. You’ll be using these in your profession, whatever that may be.

The ones you want to be good at, you’ll turn into hobbies. You’ll do this because life is long and even if you naturally suck, you will eventually get good at these things with enough time.

Since life is long, some of these hobbies you can later turn to money. For instance, I already am making money painting. Painting is a hobby. But, I have two things most natural artists lack – persistence and sales skills.

Do you see what I did there?

My life coach exposed some of my abilities that I take for granted. I used the word exposed because she put them out in the open. Like I said, I’ve always taken them for granted.

I can sell. I’ve made a lot of money selling other people’s shit. It’s about time I sold my own.

Also, my persistence is unlimited. I never get tired. I used to drive much better wrestlers nuts because if they couldn’t submit me, I’d keep coming. They were used to people tapering off. Not me. I keep coming.

So I still use my primary skill sets in a profession where I’m paid the big bucks. I’m not replaceable. That’s why I make the big bucks.

But the abilities I want to get better at, I’m working on turning them into money.

You could, and should, do the same. You have abilities you’re naturally good at. Also, you have abilities you want to be good at.

You should really write both sets down. That’s what my life coach had me do.


I’m transitioning from the natural abilities to the ones I want to be good at – art and music. Music has been an utter failure for me. However, I’m not dead yet. I’ll quit making music when I’m dead.

I’ve already made money in painting though so between those two skill sets, I’ll focus more on the one I could live off.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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