Winners believe in Free Will

Whereas losers love to blame Fate, the Gods, bad luck, you, me, everyone else, or The Man for their failures, winners believe in free will. If you believe in free will, you believe you have control over your life. That’s the mentality you need to succeed.

Look, I don’t know your situation. I can guarantee you though that someone out there had shittier cards than you were dealt and accomplished a lot more. I can also guarantee you that someone out there had a much better hand than you were dealt, and you’re smoking that person.

Those who believe in free will have a better chance for success

It’s all odds. You can do everything right and still get hit by a truck. You can do everything wrong and some multi-millionaire will fall in love with you and whisk you away.

Still, play the odds. Henry Ford said “believe you can or believe you can’t, either way, you’re right.” That’s one of the best quotes ever.

Believe in free will. Choose to believe you can accomplish wonderful things. Choosing to believe in yourself greatly increases your odds of success. It won’t guarantee you success, but your odds will go up significantly.

You still have to do the work

You still have to do the work. Put 10,000 hours into anything, and you’ll be good at it. That goes for anything.

Put 10,000 hours in on drawing and people will say “wow! You have serious talent!” It’s not talent. It’s hard work and dedication.

That’s how I got good at guitar. I practiced like a madman. Every chance I got, I practiced.

How to get good at anything

It’s easy to get good at something. First of all, chose the thing you want to be good at. Second, dedicate time to practicing that skill set. Because of your hard work and dedication, you’ll get good at it. It’s that simple, therefore, do the work.

Believe in free will, my friends. You can control your life. You are the master of your destiny. Yes, there will be those who want you to fail. Cut them loose. Unfriend them. Finally, surround yourself with people who believe in you. Get those negative nancies out of your life. You believe in free will whereas they’re excuse machines.

The Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain

I’ve always wanted to see the Sagrada Família in real life. Finally did in 2015


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