Why toxic friends are worse than enemies

We’ve all known toxic people. A toxic person is simply someone who tries to bring you down when you’re with them.

Life is complicated enough. The last thing you need is a toxic person to stress you out even more.

I talked earlier about psychic vampires and how to recover after meeting one. All psychic vampires are toxic, but not all toxic people are psychic vampires. A psychic vampire is an extreme version of a toxic person. They’re people who actually feed off your misery.

So that’s a whole different ballgame. If you feel you’ve actually had one, read my self-esteem repair kit.

Toxic friends

But let’s talk instead about toxic friends. A toxic friend is a someone you consider a friend who instead of trying to bring you up, tries to bring you down.

The reason I say toxic friends are worse than enemies is because friends know you. Which is dangerous. It’s dangerous because they have the knowledge to really hurt you.

First off, be very careful what you share. If your gut instinct tells you that your one particular friend is toxic, don’t open up to that person. At all. They will eventually use anything you share with them against you.

“How do I know if someone is toxic or not?”

Simple. Let’s say you have a scale. On the scale, measure whether they are positive or negative. As a friend, are they trying to bring you up or trying to bring you down more? If the latter, they’re a toxic friend.

Shut off your emotions to them and eventually plan on dumping them. They’re bad for you.

“Why do they do this?”

So, you’re like me. Which I guess is good. You want to know why someone would do this.

It’s very simple. They’re miserable in their own skin, but instead of trying to bring others up, they try to bring others down. That’s how they feel better about themselves. By bringing others down.

Not all miserable people are toxic. Some miserable people recognize their faults and are actively trying to fix themselves. A toxic person though instead of trying to fix themselves, tries to bring you down.

That makes them a shitty person, and you deserve to not have shitty people in your life.

If you care about them, then confront them about it. If they keep on doing it, cut them off.

Start knowing your worth. You’re a valuable person. Start acting like it. Cut out your toxic friends from your life and your life will be that much better.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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