What is an alpha female?

alpha female

So what’s the main difference between an alpha male and an alpha female? The alpha male has a penis and the alpha female has a pussy. Yes, I’m quite serious.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Alpha is about control. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you control your own life, you’re an alpha. If you let life push you around, you’re a beta. And if you resemble more a cartoon version of your gender than the real deal, you’re a cartoon.

An example of an alpha female

Allie is my best girl friend. No, not girlfriend. I’m married and we do not have an open relationship by any means.

But I’m also an extrovert and have a lot of friends. By friends, I mean someone you can share the gory details of your soul with and be completely comfortable trusting them not to betray you or throw you away. By that definition, the average person has zero to two friends at best.

What most people consider friends, I consider acquaintances. Friends is a strong word to me. Most people throw it around and make it meaningless. But not me. It means something to me.

Anyways, Allie is an alpha female. She gets what she wants.

I’ve seen the way she thinks. Yes, seen is the right word. When she’s thinking of something she needs, I can read her face. It’s funny because she’ll tell me now and no matter how far fetched it seemed at the time, she’ll figure out a way to pull it off.


Allie has faith in herself. She simply knows she can do things.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal until you move to the Left Coast and you’ll find the average person is a self-fatalist. Rather than having faith in themselves, they’ll have an anxiety attack. Then of course bitch how life is unfair and successful people are assholes.

Not Allie. When she wants something, she’ll figure out how to get it. She doesn’t blame the world. She doesn’t make excuses. Rather, she gets it.


You don’t have to be beautiful to be an alpha female. It definitely helps. But it’s not a requirement.

It’s just like you don’t have to be tall to be an alpha male. It definitely helps. But it’s not a requirement.

Allie however is beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous and she knows it.

She knows most men fawn over her. Rather than feel guilt about it, she knows she had her pick of the pack. I like who she chose. He’s a good family man from a solid family and he will make a good husband and father to her children.

Alpha females read people well. It’s because they have to.

Smart vs clever

What is smart? A high IQ. What is clever? Being able to use the brains you have to get what you want.

Ideally, you want both. If you had to pick one or the other, clever wins. Clever is an alpha trait. Smart is nice to have, but not a deal breaker.

Allie is both. She remembers everything. Even fine details. I can really appreciate that since I suffer from C.R.S. (Can’t remember shit).

Let’s talk about clever though and why it’s an alpha trait. We have brains. IQ means how fast it computes. High IQs are great for science and engineering. You should have a high salary working for someone else.

The owner of the company though? He’s clever. You may do circles around him in IQ but he had the cleverness to start the company in the first place.

That’s Allie. She has the cleverness to get what she wants.

How to be an alpha female

Simple. Start controlling your own life. Change your mentality to believing that you have free will. Don’t play the blame game and don’t be cynical.

Believe in yourself. Believe you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. Then, go out and do it.

Sounds a lot like an alpha male, doesn’t it? Well, alpha is alpha. That’s the key word here.

Alpha women don’t settle for shitty men. That’s something I’ve seen in real life many, many times. Alpha women attract quality men. They’re too clever to end up with shit.

Alpha women also look their best. Like I’ve said before, beauty is half-luck and half-maintenance. Since alpha women respect themselves, they at least take the maintenance part seriously.

Alpha women don’t play the victim card. They don’t bitch about how unfair life is. They simply get things done, just like their male counterparts.

Of course alpha females have their ups and downs. Everyone does. But an alpha female doesn’t stay down. She bounces back up.

You’re not going to see a fat alpha woman with a septum piercing and blue hair bitching about the patriarchy. Those women are beta. Alpha women are too busy accomplishing awesome things to get caught up in that bullshit.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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