Why I use real life people as examples

Just in case you’re wondering why I use real life people as examples, I’ll explain why. A lot of people talk in theories. I talk practically, since I’m a practical guy.

I do strongly believe in knowing concepts. However, there’s more to knowing a concept. You have to fully understand that concept and know how it applies to real life. Therefore, I use real life people as examples.

Of course, I change their first names and refrain from using their last names. They still deserve to have their privacy protected, whether they’re a positive example or a negative example.

I also describe them vaguely enough that they could fit anyone of literally millions of people. You can probably think of someone in your life who they remind you of.

For instance, in my why work ethic matters article, Jane is very vague. Hard working waitress in her early 20s somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wow! That definitely breaks it down to only one or two people (I’m being sarcastic).

And in my continuing adventures of Jane, I gave a name to the lazy ass waitress who doesn’t pull her own weight. A lazy waitress? Definitely narrows it down to only a few people in this entire world.

Real life people make better examples

I used to manage people. For the record, I never managed two people the same way. Everyone is different. Therefore, you need different techniques to make people feel appreciated. You also need different techniques to keep your employees motivated.

I’ve had people who managed themselves who didn’t even need me. I’ve also had employees who had problems with severe anxiety.

I take pride in being able to manage most people. There are always those who no matter what you did, would do as little as they could to not get fired. For the record, I was almost never the one who hired them (I inherited them). I could usually tell who those people are pretty fast.

Anyways, yes, real life people make better examples. If you’re the type of person who loves reading theoretical stuff and can process high level theory, then these aren’t your ideal articles. More power to you, but you’re a minority. Most people are more practical than theoretical. Stylistically, I am too. It’s just my style.


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