Type A problems and how to go about fixing them

type a people - belltower in Venice

I’m a classic Type A person. If you’ve never heard those terms, Type A refers to someone who’s highly driven, motivated, competitive, high achieving, the classic workaholic type. Type B on the other hand refers to the opposite. The theory is that Type B people are less likely to have heart attacks since they’re more relaxed.

Of course, I say that’s all bullshit. I’ve worked in retirement homes before and I could tell you first hand what I saw. Competitive, highly driven people have better retirements because they didn’t sit on their ass all day and let the world go by. They actually achieved something, so they can really enjoy their retirements.

That said, I’ll readily admit I have some classic Type A problems.

Classic Type A problems

Not enjoying food

This one is quite possibly the worst. I’ll reward myself with a $100 steak and I’ll wolf it down. I could have enjoyed it so much more had I actually chewed the fucking thing.

Just be aware of it. When you have a quality meal in front of your face, chew your food. It’s taken me a lot of thought. If you’re a Type B person, you might laugh at this because you don’t understand our kind. But I can assure you, it’s a lot harder for us than you think.

In college, I didn’t even sit down to eat. I’d eat standing up, then get right back to studying. I was even worse back then. I’d wolf down my food, then go for a walk, then go to jiu-jitsu class. It was ridiculous. Whether the food was good or bad, I didn’t care. I wolfed it down and didn’t enjoy it.

I think the Mediterraneans get it when it comes to food. In Greece a few weeks back, I had the third best fish I’ve ever had in my life.

Greek food is pretty fucking good

Lunch in Greece a few weeks back

The Mediterraneans take their time to really enjoy food. They don’t rush. They make it a social thing.

Meditation or massage

I meditated once. It was the worst ten minutes of my life and I got so angry I wasted that ten minutes being unproductive that I wanted to punch some fucking hippie afterwards.

So scratch meditation. Sure, it’s probably great for you. I just can’t do it.

Instead, I get deep tissue massages at least once a month. I should really bump these up to weekly, but I’m usually too busy.

Deep tissue massages are the best. They break up all that scar tissue. I’ve boxed, wrestled, played football, and been in a few car accidents (none were my fault, but if you’re going to drive as much as I did, chances are, you’re gonna get hit). I need deep tissue massages.

Plus, us Type A people actually work when we work. There’s a reason I made a lot of money. Unfortunately, that involved sitting down too much and now my body needs massages.

I strongly suggest that if you’re a Type A person, you get them.

Intense workouts

You absolutely have to do this if you’re Type A. If you don’t, then yes, those people are right. The Type A lifestyle will kill you.

But, if you workout like a madman several times a week, you’ll outlive all those Type B people. Like I said earlier, I worked in retirement homes and can tell you first hand who lives longer and who dies sooner. There’s a common theme there. One of these days, I’ll write up on that. But for now, workout like a madman at least several times a week.

What kind of workouts

Something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you’ll quit.

Sprints are great. So is weightlifting.

I don’t run long distance because my knees are shot. So instead, I do sprints. I’ll walk for awhile, jog for a little bit, then go full out into a sprint. Then go home.

For weightlifting, compound exercises are the best. Compound exercises kill more than one bird with one stone so they save you time. Plus, they supposedly help men increase our testosterone levels.


There’s a big no alcohol movement in this country and I say it’s bullshit. Yes, if you’re an alcoholic, then you shouldn’t drink at all.

However if you’re not an alcoholic, alcohol is good for you. Alcohol helps thin your blood.

Of course in moderation, but that goes without saying.

Type A people tend to drink too much socially though. We’re super driven, and we tend to get carried away.

Be aware of that.


We get caught up in our work and often forget about the ones who matter the most. Be aware of that.

Your spouse – fuck that person. I mean that literally.

Your kids – spend time with them.

Your friends – make time for them.

All this shit matters.

Hot tip – travel. A few years after we made our first million, my wife turned to me and said that we need to start spending our money.

It really is stupid to die with a bunch of money and not live life. Actually, I think those people are fucking idiots. I have a hundred times more respect for someone who barely gets by but traveled the world over someone who made millions but is a tightwad with money and socially retarded. Seriously. Life is made to be lived and money for money’s sake is pointless.

We met a 29-year-old girl in Venice who lived in Switzerland, Japan, and Los Angeles. I forgot which country she was originally from, but she spoke five languages.

She wasn’t even that financially well off. She just committed to doing what she wanted to do in life.

It’s people like that who I look up to.

About the featured image

I shot this in Venice a few weeks back. I love the architecture there, so I took a lot of pictures of buildings I liked.

By the way, if you’re a Type B person, you’re probably not going to get any of this. You simply don’t know what it’s like to be one of us. That’s not meant as an insult by any means.

I don’t know what it’s like to be one of you either, so we’re even. When my chiropractor says to relax, you have no idea how hard it is to do so. Yet, that’s your general nature. That baffles me.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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