There are two types of photographers…

Back in 1996, I took the last photography class that I ever took in college. I changed direction in Grad school to be more economically viable. I’ve already failed as a musician, and now had a son. Therefore, I had to be making money.

However, I still had artistic inspirations so I still wanted to take another photography class. I loved this final class. I walked away from the class with one really important saying.

My photography teacher said that there are two types of photographers. The first type sets everything up perfectly. Gets the lighting perfect. Gets everything perfect. Then takes the shot.

The second type of photographer has a much uglier method. He takes lots and lots of pictures and by the sheer volume of photos, he’ll have something good to show for his work that day.

I’m the latter type

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night

Shots from our Creature of the Night video

Personally, I’m the ugly photographer. I simply takes lots and lots of pictures and I know I’ll walk away with something good.

Not effective. Pisses off a lot of people. It was especially brutal back in the film days. However, we’re in the digital days where taking lots of pictures is no longer a waste of money, so I don’t care.

Creature of the Night Astral Eyes

Me and Skitz both played lead guitar on this song

Yeah, I’m going to piss off all the purists. I tend to piss off people anyways because I never do things the “right way.” I always do things that way I like to do things, and stuffy people tend to hate that.

Doesn’t bother me because they’re stuffy. Who cares if I offend the purists? All that matters to me is whether or not I get results.

Creature of the Night was our best video so far

We’ve shot four videos so far. Creature of the Night was our best of the four. I especially love it because we took so much footage, that between us and the five beautiful girls, we’d have plenty of good quality pictures. I’m still finding quality shots by pausing the video to this day.

Astral Eyes Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong

Alice played the lead role. All five actresses were total babes!


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